Most Spanish children say that their parents swear at the wheel

A 'curse' it is a bad word or expression that is considered offensive or rude. Based on this basis, parents usually try to keep their children from using them at any time. Now, do you set an example? According to a survey, the car is not exactly the place where parents show it: 66 percent of children say their parents swear at the wheel.

This interesting conclusion is drawn from a study developed by Ford to European children between seven and 12 years old in which also highlights that 12 percent of small Spaniards hate that their parents sing when they are driving.

Behavior of parents behind the wheel

According to these surveys, parents generate a great tension to the children inside the car. The reason? Holding the parents singing is the main reason for anger for children during family trips, although it is not their only complaint: the little ones do not like their parents to shout at other drivers, to insult or to poke their noses.

From the data collected by Ford it is also extracted that three out of four children say their parents say bad words in the car, a percentage similar to that of colleagues in other countries: the percentage is 67 percent in the United Kingdom, 66 percent in Spain and 60 percent in Germany. At this point Italians win: only 39 percent of children in Italy say that their parents curse in the car.

Likewise, 39% of children in the United Kingdom say that orday their parents sing during the journeys in the car, compared to 19% accounted for in Italy, 17% in Germany, 15% in France and 12% in Spain.

There are also differences between children in another point: the survey prepared by the car firm indicates that 74% of British children "is bribed" by his parents to get in the car. In the case of Spanish children, the figure is 67%, above 66% in France, 60% in Italy and 39% in Germany.

A lot is missing?

Another study that we talked about said that the children took an average of 90 minutes to ask how much was needed to get to the destination. On this occasion, 63 percent of children say that they formulate it in their family trips.

Given this situation, since the company recommendsn be made with devices that make travel more enjoyable for children, so that the trips do not become so heavy. There are also many games in which we can participate all the members who travel in the car to liven up the hours of the road, we review them all in this link.

Angela R. Bonachera


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