97% of parents encourage extracurricular activities

The extracurricular activities they are the perfect complement to the academic education of children. They occupy leisure time and homework, but are very positive for children so that 97 percent of parents encourage their children to practice extracurricular activities, according to a survey conducted by Mamuky.com. But what are the habits and preferences of Spanish parents and children regarding extracurricular activities?

The choice of extracurricular activity

Who should choose the type of extracurricular activity to do during the course? Always take into account the taste of children when choosing the extracurricular activity they are going to do.

According to this survey, 86 percent of parents agree that they themselves should choose the extracurricular activity they want to carry out among intellectual, creative or sport extracurricular activities, but it is striking that only 2 out of 10 respondents would choose an activity related to culture or science.

On the other hand, when parents are asked about the type of extracurricular activity they would like their children to choose, 50 percent of the parents surveyed opt for extracurricular sports activities, specifically football, swimming or tennis, while 30 percent prefer languages ​​and only 20 percent of parents would like their children to choose extracurricular activities such as music, science, literature or painting.

Time and dedication to extracurricular activities

Although most parents encourage extracurricular activities, only 6 percent would be in favor of doing activities outside school hours every day of the week. On the other side of the scale, 79 percent of Spanish parents are clear that they would enroll more than one day a week to do some kind of extracurricular activity, while 15% would only do so one day.

Extracurricular activities: an extra expense

The price of these activities is also a determining factor in targeting children to one or several. Only 8 percent of parents respond that their children do not do extracurricular activities because they can not afford it, while 37 percent say they do only one activity, for the same reason, the economic one. The remaining 55 percent say they do not have problems to cope with the expense of extracurricular activities.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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