Five perfect films to transmit solidarity

The family has many tasks when it comes to raising children. One of them is undoubtedly the transmission of values: at home children learn what is important and what is not, education, composure and, of course, a lot of ethical values, among which solidarity stands out. Although the best way to convey solidarity is the parents' own example, this value can also be learned in films.

It's not the first time we talked about the importance of cinema as a means of transmitting ideas. It can be used to explain to the children certain values ​​such as family, friendship, respect or caring for the environment thanks to the different sequences that occur in the movies. Solidarity is another value that can be learned through feature films, such as the ones we bring here.

Of course, for choose a movie that transmits values ​​to children we must take into account their age: a child of six years does not have the same maturity or comprehension capacity as a child of 11 years, so they can not internalize important values ​​in the same way.

In this article we have selected five films ideal for working solidarity. An afternoon at home can be the perfect time to enjoy of family cinema while Important values ​​such as solidarity are internalized.

Movies about solidarity

Finding Nemo

Designed for big and small children (and their parents), this hilarious film does not go out of style and It allows learning important values ​​for daily life, among which stand out cooperation and solidarity with others to achieve great challenges. It is a film loaded with a message with which, in addition, you will have a great time.

Kirikou and the wild beasts

Recommended in the blog Tiching, There are many values ​​that can be worked on thanks to this beautiful and emotional story that happened in Africa. Solidarity, the reinforcement of self-esteem as a result of determination and one's own actions are some of the main messages of this feature film about the smallest and bravest of heroes, Kirikou.


Work in a team, be in solidarity with each other ... are some of the values ​​taught by this beautiful movie starring tiny creatures such as bugs. Inspired by the well-known fable of the cicada and the ant, "Bichos" will capture the interest of the little ones while they learn an important lesson.

Chain of favours

This movie is intended to an older audience, mainly teenagers It will make them learn solidarity and, above all, question important questions about life and our role in society. To what extent can we change the world and, how, if we really want, small actions can be worth a lot.

Hotel Rwanda

Based on real events, it tells the story of an ordinary man whose love for his family led him to perform an act of courage and courage during the terrible genocide in Rwanda in the civil war of this country in 1994. Paul (Don Cheadle) is the manager of the Mille Colline hotel in Kigali, Rwanda. The hatred between the Hutu (the ruling ethnic group in the country) and the Tutsis is becoming more and more evident, and it is not long before the riots begin in the streets for the assassination of the nation's president. These disturbances lead Paul, who is Hutu, to a desperate flight with his family and Tutsi neighbors to the hotel where he works. Again, a movie for older people, because it has hard times for the little ones.

Angela R. Bonachera

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