The five keys that you must demand from an MBA

After finishing the college career, more and more young people decide to expand their knowledge with a specific master. Within this broad sector, there is a type of postgraduate course that is growing strongly: MBA, Master in Business Administration. We tell you the five global keys that these courses taught in business schools and universities must meet.

The sector of 'business education' (that is, specialized business education) is increasingly expanding, and its titles are very demanded and valued thanks to the professional projection and the employment opportunities it generates, since companies demand from managers a rigorous preparation that this master's class provides.

To choose the MBA The most appropriate is to keep in mind that the world of business and business is very changeable, so we must look for a training that guarantees us a continuous adaptation to the latest global trends. These are the keys to take into account to choose this kind of training in the best masters, according to the dean of the UPF Barcelona School of Management, Daniel Serra.

How to choose the best MBA

- Learning by doing. It is the main trend followed by the best business schools in the world internationally. This kind of training is based on the student getting a practical experience and, therefore, learn from their mistakes. It is essential in the current world.

- Multidisciplinarity. Masters must train students in many disciplines at the same time: management, marketing or finance, but also (and this is very important) in the analysis of data, communication skills, the ability to detect opportunities and discriminate information, etc. .

This kind of multiple training is essential, as it ensures that students learn to work on creativity and innovation while integrating different actors, elements and values ​​both theoretical and practical. In short, a multi-disciplinary training will help students identify synergies, analogies and approaches from different points of view.

- Inverted Pedagogy. Also called 'flipped learning', it is based on the student's autonomous learning. The training is no longer based only on master classes, but students then practice and study at home with new more practical and interactive formulas.

- Coach. The figure of the teacher as "senior gentleman" who arrives in the classroom, speaks for hours and goes away has disappeared. Now MBAs must ensure that their teachers are 'coach', that is, coaches: they go from being mere content instructors to advisors, mentors who help the student to identify key knowledge while questioning the established and, thus, develop proposals innovative

- Personalization A class with 100 students can never be personalized, no matter how hard the teacher tries to know the name and surname of each student. Therefore, it is essential that MBAs offer a personalized job for each participant, as this will meet the needs of each of them. Not all companies are the same, nor does each student have the same shortcomings and strengths.

This kind of MBA that adapts to each student and allows him to define his project and define, with his mentor, his formative itinerary taking into account their personal skills is a key point that is on the rise: more and more students require it, companies value it and, therefore, the schools offer it.

The 'business', upwards

Training and studies are an important investment for families, but in many cases they are worth it. In the case of MBAs, according to the report of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), Companies prefer to hire professionals with this kind of studies. In fact, in 2014 69 percent of companies said so, a percentage that has risen to 72 percent in 2015 and continues to rise.

In addition, there are many students who say they opt for this kind of courses because they feel they have the foundation to be able to start their own company. In this regard, the survey of the 2015 Global Financial Times MBA reveals that taking an MBA increases the chances of increasing the payroll.

Angela R. Bonachera

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