20 riddles for kids for a fun afternoon

The afternoons at home They can be moments of "hellish" boredom for the little ones ... or just the opposite. There are a thousand and one options to have a great time on an afternoon when you do not feel like leaving home. Among these opportunities to have fun at home and at low cost, they stand out The riddles. Can not you think of any? Take paper and pen and ... do not miss these!

Not only as fun, the riddles can be used to teach many things to children: from literature using funny rhymes to paying attention to the small details, since riddles normally they involve an approximation to a daily object in a different way: either with a play on words or highlighting a detail never before thought.

Riddles for children about animals

1.- My sting is harmful,

my insignificant body,

but the nectar that I give

you eat it instantly.

(the bee)

2.- Lives in the desert,

Kills people,

under the stones,

very well accommodates.

(The scorpion)

3.- With his morning laugh

the whole beach rocks,

fisherwoman and sailor.


4.- We are traveling

in black dresses,

under the tiles

we make the nests.

(The swallows)

5.- Of greenish colors,

big bulging eyes,

we have the back legs

very long to jump.

(The Frogs)

Riddles for children about food

6.- They are chocolate,

they soften with the heat

and if they get into the oven

they explode with great fury.

(The chestnuts)

7.- Fox says, you see,

although always the other way around,

it is eaten by the Japanese

and very rich dish is.

What is it?


8.- In green branches I was born,

in a mill they squeezed me,

I got into a well,

and from the well they took me out

to the kitchen to fry.


9.- The most prickly of the tree

the most fetén

once squeezed

goes to the pan.

(The olive)

10.- Has teeth

and he does not eat.

He has a head

and he is not a man.


Riddles for children about nature

11.-  There are those who drink by mouth,

what is the way to drink,

but I know someone who drinks

only by the feet.

(The tree)

12.-In the mountain he was born

what was never sown;

he has the green legs

and the red bonnet.

(The poppy)

13.-I am born and I die without ceasing;

I still nonetheless exist,

and, without leaving my bed,

I always find myself running.

(The river)

14.- It's a huge orange

but of salty juice,

the segments are supposed

between a pair of meridians.

(The earth)

15.-Bellow to bellow,

before the storms

we have all heard it.

(The Thunder)

Riddles for children about school

16.- Enter the scholar,

never the loafer,

is looking for books

that there you will find.


17.- I'm always open

for all children.

Closed and sad I stay


(The school)

18.- Four legs has,

as well as seat;

from her I get up

and in it I feel.

(The chair)

19.- Very often you see it,

think a little with cunning,

when it's black, it's clean,

when it's white, it's dirty.

(The blackboard)

20.- A white lady,

for a black field,

walk around

and the field is full

of white footsteps.

(The chalk and the blackboard)

Marina Berrio


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