Formentera as a family: vacation in paradise

Formentera It has much more than beach, to my surprise it has charming corners and what surprised me, how about getting to know the most authentic Formentera, its culture, its heritage surrounded by his nature, his multiple family activities? Why not meet her and enjoy her with the children?

But it is also the most powerful reason why you have to go with your children to Illetas in Formentera is that your children will not want to leave there, they will also roll you up like a croquette, they will throw you buckets of water, they will wet your hair, they will throw you sand balls, they will run along the beach ... They will only want to play, play and play with you. Illetas engages. Who wants to leave paradise?

There are a series of tips for enjoy with family from this piece of paradise called Formentera:

San Francesc, a charming little town

Here you can take a walk, get to know its hippie stalls, its shops, its variety of restaurants, but above all, it is a place where your children can play with other children, since you will probably find the town's central plaza full of them. So remember to take a rope, a ball, and make a purchase for these friendly places.

Faro de Barbaria

A lighthouse? Go there, you will love it. As you arrive, you will find yourself in the distance with its silhouette, surrounded by calm, peace and tranquility. The location could not be better. The lighthouse is in nothing, in a place where only he is the protagonist, along with seagulls, lizards and an incredible and wonderful cliff.

Horse ride

You can enjoy a lovely and touching activity with the company of animals. You will share with your children some incredible moments together with beautiful horses, always with the care and supervision of a professional. It is fascinating to see the complicity that children have with animals when they are with them, there is nothing else.

Bike ride

A beautiful bike ride with your children to reach the beach of Illetes, one of the most beautiful beaches I've seen in my life and that I already knew, so to know that at the end of the ride we were waiting for this little piece of paradise, it was all an incentive to pedal with a lot, a lot of strength.

Mola Market

On the island there is a famous market where you will surely like to spend some time with your children. It is not the typical market only for the sale of products, but in the center of it they always carry out musical functions, magic, theaters where surely your little ones will spend some very entertaining moments. In many of your positions you will also find craft products and clothes for the little ones that you will surely love.

Mola Lighthouse

Very close to the market you will find a great lighthouse, with incredible views of the sea, full of seagulls. It is well worth going up there and enjoying the scenery while you take a delicious juice with your kids in a bar that is right in front.

Kayak on the beach

Enjoy in a family kayak of an incredible walk around the island, always with the supervision of a monitor. Surely your children will love rowing, being so close to the water, and imagine that suddenly a dolphin or a mermaid will appear.

Rich gastronomy

On the island you eat very well, sure that your children will be more than happy with how rich everything will be, and remember that Formentera brews in its salinas the lowest sodium salt produced in Spain, ideal for the diet of adults and children.

If we add to all these possibilities the option of choosing between its varied hotels and restaurants adapted and designed for families, you can not ask for more.

Get to know Formentera as a family It is a dream come true. So wild, so pretty, so real.

How good you are going to have it! Enjoy moments of beach, town and activities and many other things. Formentera is a true paradise where you can enjoy unforgettable moments with your children.

Monika Araujo Traveling with mom

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