Mistakes and tips to educate the little son

How do you notice he is the little one! This comment is frequent in families with several children. Many times, we pamper and protect the baby too much. We want to extend your childhood. Others, we treat him with too much permissiveness: "Look, do what you want, I'm already a little tired."

At other times, parents delegate too much to the older brother or siblings and the little son it grows with some affective lack on the part of its parents.

The most frequent mistakes in which parents can fall with the education of the young child are: in the relaxation in norms, in the attainment of habits and in the establishment of routines that help the child grow and mature.

Tips to educate the little son

Some tips so that the young child can grow and mature as it should be:

1. Mark some goals with the small child, few but concrete, as was done with the elderly.

2. Establish and meet schedules, fundamentally of sleep, hygiene and food (bath time, dinner, nap ...) for the young child.

3. That the young child has an assignment to fulfill at home, like the others, but to the extent of its possibilities, so that it has a responsibility plot.

4. Do not solve small problems of the small child you have to face (dress, order, eat, ...) and avoid overprotecting him.

5. Young children need a great deal of affection, to face the tasks that require effort.

6. Do not burden older siblings with responsibilities that belong to parents, especially in regard to talking about their things, to teach "transcendent aspects of life", impose, scold or demand etc ..

7. Do not blame the elderly of the mischief or misdeeds of the little son.

8. Dedicate, daily, a few minutes alone; for a moment that feels unique, the most beloved. So you can also demand better.

9. Do not abuse television to "take it out of the way".

10. Pay attention to the evolution in the school of the small son as it has been done with the others (because he is the child we can not think that in everything he will be like the others and that we already know everything).

11. Sometimes, these young children are jealous of older siblings, They want to have everything they have and do everything they do. They compare themselves and claim rights that equals the biggest (why do I have to go to bed? Why can not I watch TV?). Therefore, we must treat him according to his age, and not allow him what we do not allow with our other children.

12. Value the achievements of the young child according to their age, make him see the advantages or privileges of those who enjoy being the child, avoid comparisons, make him see that each one is worthwhile and dedicate personal attention.

Reflections for parents regarding their little son

Look to see how you usually treat your young child: if you "spoil yourself too much" and everything is done, remember that in order to help him mature he needs to give him a responsibility (order his toys or help set the table) and deny him trinkets or some prize when you do not deserve it, in addition to correcting it when appropriate.

If you are one of those who do less than your other child or older children for a supposed "lack of time", propose each day at what time you will be alone / or with him (10 minutes for example) to tell a story , make a puzzle or just listen to him.

Alejandra Márquez
Advisor: Cristina Cano, specialist in Early Childhood Education.

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