Facebook, the social network preferred by parents to talk about their children

There are many benefits that we can find in the new technologies: we keep in touch with friends and family who live far away, we escape from day to day ... and they also serve us as an office.

What parent has not ever used a social network to comment on a parenting issue or seek help from other parent friends? On that goes this interesting study that ensures that Facebook is the social network preferred by parents to discuss parent issues.

The study, developed by the Pew Research Center research center to a total of 2,003 parents with children under age living in the United States, reveals interesting trends that virtually all parents (and mothers) follow when interact on social networks, emphasizing the important use given to these networks as tool to find information about fatherhood.

And is that social networks they help connect some people with others, something that is especially beneficial for parents, who go to social networks (especially Facebook) to answer other people's questions or ask for advice to other parents who may have been through the same situation.

Social networks, the new tool for parents

According to these surveys, 81 percent of parents who use social networks try to respond to the good news that others share in their 'timeline', including the articles of accounts specializing in families and children. Also, 74 percent of the parents who are users of these tools use Facebook or other networks to find support from other friends, while 71 percent of all parents surveyed try to answer questions from other users, as long as they know the answer.

"Social networks are seen as a source of useful information and as a tool for the upbringing of children", say the filmmakers of the study, who add that it is the mothers who use this resource the most and, therefore, have "three times more possibilities" than the parents to find help in social networks.

On the other hand, it is expected that, if you look for answers to specific problems that arise at home, hang on these networks certain information about the children (For example, if you ask for advice for your child to take a nap, indirectly you are counting that your little one does not sleep in the afternoon). In this regard, the report ensures that there are few (12%) parents who feel "uncomfortable" when information about their children is shared by other members of their family in social networks.

The favorite social network for parents

Now, where do you go to ask for advice and give it? As already advanced, Facebook is the favorite social network for both parents and mothers, although especially for them: 81% of mothers use this social network, a percentage that is 66 percent in the case of men.

With respect to Pinterest, This social network is used by an average of 28 percent of parents, a percentage that is again higher in mothers: 40% of surveyed mothers use this social network to talk about children, while only 15 percent of the parents does it.

As to Linkedin, is the next most used social network, but the percentage is much lower than Facebook. In this case, it is the parents who use it the most: 32 percent, while the percentage of mothers is 24 percent.

Instagram, A social network very popular among teenagers, it is not so much among parents, at least as regards its use to speak "of things of parents", which is what the study focuses on. 30 percent of mothers use it, but in the case of parents, the percentage is only 19 percent.

Finally, Twitter seems to be the least used social network by parents for look for information and ask questions about fatherhood. On this occasion, the parents are again the ones who use it the most: 27 percent of the males with children, while the percentage in the case of mothers is only 19 percent.

How Facebook uses parents

Once we know that Facebook is the most popular social network among American parents, it's time to know how this social network is used. In this sense, the differences between parents and mothers stand out: they are much more active than them, 37 percent of mothers say they update their Facebook frequently, a percentage that is 20 percent in the case of parents.

That yes, in both cases the majority of the parents (39% them and 41% them) assure that they update the social networks "sometimes". On the other hand, it is observed that the general profile of "father or mother" in this social network has an average of 150 friends, of which only one in three are "real friends".

Angela R. Bonachera

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