Five reasons to go to a summer cinema with children

We are in the middle of summer and you have to look for plans against the heat. During the day we can go to the beach or the pool and have a great time but ... what about the nights? In the holidays it does not get up early in the morning, which allows us to lie down a little later and sayEnjoy leisure options ideal for these dates, such as summer cinemas.

All the major Spanish cities have a very varied summer season ready for interesting cinematographic offer in places like parks and squares, where films are screened for all audiences and for all dates: from film classics to the premieres of recent years, depending on who organizes and for what purpose.

We leave you five reasons of weight so that this summer do not forget to organize more than one family plan in front of the screens installed in squares, terraces and parks of Spanish cities. Would you add one more?

Summer cinema, the best leisure option on holidays

1.- Cheap. Summer cinemas are usually cheaper than conventional cinemas, so it will be cheaper than a movie evening with the whole family for the rest of the year. In addition, there are summer theaters that have a single entrance: with one you can watch two movies if they have two screens, for example.

2.- Audiovisual culture. There are summer cinemas of various types, but many of them choose to project the great classics (both for children and adults). This will give your children a great audio-visual culture, because they are films that in many cases it is difficult to find.

3.- Environment. The atmosphere in a summer cinema is very different from that of conventional theaters: there is more feeling of family, friendship ... normally they can even take their own food or buy it there (beyond popcorn), which gives a plus

4.- Different. This is related to the previous reason. It's a different experience than our little ones are used to: we find a movie theater on the beach where we can take our chairs or towels, another with cars like in American movies, a cinema with a bar where we can dine and have a drink .. The difference makes it more special for our children.

5.- Fresquito. The summer heat invites you to leave when the temperatures are lower, that is, at night. However, we can not always be drinking some refreshments on bar terraces or walking through parks (which at night lose their fun). Taking advantage of the fresco watching a movie is the best option.

Summer cinemas for families in Madrid

Are you convinced by these reasons? Probably every family has theirs, but there is no doubt that you can take advantage of summer to go to the cinema at a more affordable price. Another reason that can help us choose these places is their programming. We leave you some of the main summer film cycles in the capital that include films for the whole family. Do not miss them!

Fescinal, the Outdoor Film Festival of the Bombilla Park. The best thing about this cinema is that it offers two screens that each night show movies at the same time, so if you do not like one you can "zap on foot" and go to the other screen. The price is five euros.

Count Duke, The Urban Beach Cinema. As if you were on the beach * but in the center of Madrid. The programming includes cycles of horror movies, science fiction and, of course, family movies with special prices. The ticket is worth six euros, but they have many different offers.

Paco Rabal cultural center. On its terrace will be screened various films released between 2013 and 2014 for a price of only two euros entry.

Angela R. Bonachera

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