What to see and do in Santiago de Compostela with children

Santiago de Compostela It is a city where you can breathe a special air, a city that should be almost mandatory stop for family trips, especially with children. Its surroundings are fairy tale and offer a wide variety of leisure options, but the truth is that Within the city there are many other ideal places for the whole family.

Santiago stands out for its amount of green spaces and its impressive parks, most with swings and playgrounds to have a great time. This is not the only thing: the Historic area is a place to get lost, it is "like a labyrinth with many secrets", as described in Turismo de Santiago de Compostela.

"It is full of narrow streets, houses and arcades and has a pavement of large old stones with which you can play not to step on the stripes without worrying about cars, because it is all pedestrian, "they say, while they invite you to discover their squares, their Cathedral, their gorgolls ... fascinating places for both big and small. Do you dare to discover them?

The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

To visit the city is to go through its spectacular Cathedral, Both inside and out. But why is it so special? The one in Santiago has the honor of keeping the relics of one of the 12 apostles of Christ, called James the Greater, That is why this place is the goal of the Camino de Santiago. For more than a thousand years, millions of pilgrims from all over the world have traveled hundreds and sometimes thousands of kilometers to reach this Cathedral. A beautiful story to tell your children, do not you think?

Alameda Park

When we talk about the best urban parks in Spain, we mention this Galician, and it is not for less. It is the most loved in the city, it is very central, and has a lot of interesting things: a pond with a lot of ducks used to be seen, an interesting loft, an elegant music box and a curious bench 'acoustic' (large semicircular stone seat through which the sound is transmitted clearly), among others many things. In the area adjoining the Campus has aa playground very well equipped.

The Supply market

Although the name would seem a normal market supplies, the truth is that it is another stop in the city. The current Mercado de Abastos de Santiago was built in 1941, but to talk about the history of the Market we have to talk about its predecessor, the City Market. It is important because it was the first time that the different and dispersed markets existing in the Compostela of that time were given a roof.

In 1937 it would be demolished for the construction of the current Plaza de Abastos. ANDThe market has been operating for the last three centuries, becoming a leading center in the marketing of fresh products in Santiago.

Museum of Pobo Gallego

In this museum you can learn a lot about the customs of Galicia. It is full of very interesting objects and tools and also has boats and curious models of traditional Galician houses. In addition, inside there is a 'magic' staircase, which is a work of Baroque art. The MPG organizes specific activities for children and families.

Museum of Natural History of the University of Santiago

More of 25,000 specimens of fauna, flora and minerals that will surely attract the attention of small biologists. The facilities of the Museum of Natural History in the park of Vista Alegre make available to the general public a patrimonial group that dates back to the nineteenth century with unique pieces of great value for the study and dissemination of biodiversity and the environment.

Angela R. Bonachera


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