Tips for sleeping when it's hot

Voucher, Summer has many good things: vacations, swimming pools, beaches ... but some others are not so: the heat sometimes prevents us from falling asleep, and then the problems come. If we do not rest well at night, during the day we will be tired, with what we will not enjoy free time either (Yes, we have it). Therefore, we bring you some tips to sleep when it's hot.

We are not talking about something that is not important: sleep is paramount for both adults and children. Having a poor quality of sleep can lead to alterations in mood (being in a bad mood, for example), as well as inability to concentrate and, therefore, decreased performance. In addition, it has been shown that sleep helps you lose weight.

There are many "homemade" tricks to cool down when going to bed that will facilitate our sleep when we do not have air conditioning ... or even having it, as the experts recommend not having the appliance on all night for reasons of health, economic and environmental care.

Tricks against the heat at night

1.- Dark bedroom. One of the first considerations is that the light does not enter the bedroom during the day, because with it the heat will enter. In this way, every morning, after getting up and ventilating the room, it is best to close the blind and keep the space in shadow.

2.- Adequate dinner. A heavy dinner is the last thing you can do if you want to sleep well at night, whether in summer or winter. Therefore, avoid fat and too abundant meals and choose to take salads, fruits and vegetables. Also, another tip is to let some time pass before going to bed after dinner.

3.- Fan and ice. When it is very hot, the fan only moves hot air and its effect is completely less refreshing. The solution is in your freezer: take a container and fill it with ice cubes. Now, put the fan directed to the container, so that the air that moves passes through the container before and cools.

4.- Open advantages. Although it is still hot, at night temperatures drop, especially at dawn. Leaving the advantage open and facilitating that there is current will make it easier, in turn, to sleep.

5.- Shower. Take a shower just before sleep, but make it lukewarm. If you give it cold water, you will be reactivating the organism and increasing the energy expenditure, so that in a short time you will feel more warm again.

6.- Nightwear. The pajama, which is made of light cotton. Also, there are those who recommend moistening clothes before sleeping. Of course, if you do put a towel on the bed to absorb the water.

7.- Fresh sheets. Cotton or silk are the best materials for the bed during the summer. It is also good to have light colors and, as a trick, keep them fresh during the day: in a cool room or even inside a bag in the fridge. Put them right at the time of going to sleep and you will notice the much fresher bed.

8.- Soledad. Another tip is to sleep alone (if you can), because you avoid the heat that the other person emits through your body.

Angela R. Bonachera

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