A mother transforms her son's hearing aids into superheroes

Life often brings difficulties that are difficult to jump, but not impossible. The history of this family is inspiring how what could be bad news has been used to help themselves and others: their son, deaf in one ear and hearing impaired in the other, had to wear hearing aids, but there are hardly any on the market these products for children, so This mother has created them inspired by superheroes.

But let's start from the beginning. The mother of this story is called Sarah Ivermee, and has two children. One of them, Freddie, is four years old and was born with an acute infection with cytomegalovirus (CMV), a virus that affects babies in different ways. On this occasion, after a year of struggle Freddie was totally deaf in one ear and seriously deaf in the other, so they had to implant a hearing aid.

Hearing aids for children

The parents of the child, as usual, were worried, but luckily his son reacted very well to these devices: he loved being able to hear others with total clarityand "forget" about their hearing problems. However, soon the parents discovered that other children in these same circumstances did not react the same to the hearing aids.

The parents, who live in the United Kingdom, met other families that had real problems for their children to put the devices in their ears, and discovered that, in most cases, the reason is that they were "very ugly" and made them feel shame.

So, these parents decided to "investigate a little", and they found that there were hardly any hearing aids designed for children, that is, that they were attractive to them. That is when they came up with an idea that has had great success and repercussion: to elaborate their own custom hearing aids Inspired by superheroes for the little ones.

Super Heroes Hearing Aids

These hearing aids are completely normal in their operation: they are traditional cochlear implants (they transform the acoustic signals into electrical signals to stimulate the auditory nerve) but with a peculiarity: stickers and superheroes made of rubber make them unique and much more attractive for children.

The reception of the idea has been incredible

After launching it among friends and family and observing success, this family decided to set up their virtual store on the Internet, so this original idea has reached the whole world and even the store has been closed a whole day to be able to cope with all the demand for personalized hearing aids.

On the web we can find multitude of different designs, each one more original. Even so, this mother encourages anyone who wants one that does not find, ask her: they will get down to work as soon as possible.

The consequence of all this has not only been an original and prosperous business for this family, but something very important: Thousands of children in this country are wearing their hearing aids without shame and with pride. Even Sarah says that many children who are not deaf now want to carry these devices. "People often tell Freddie how great their hearing aids are and he feels very proud to use them," he says.

Angela R. Bonachera

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