Five films about peace for children

Teach values ​​to children It is essential if we want our society to grow in a healthy way. In this task of transmitting to children the importance of certain things (and the lack of importance of others), the movies can help us. We bring you several perfect movies to educate children in peace.

Feature films serve to convey ideas and, with them, important values: friendship, the environment, respect or family, for example. But much more. You just have to know how to choose the best ones and then talk to the little ones so that reflect on those teachings that can be extracted from the stories.

Many times, even from a movie that "just" is funny you can extract a multitude of ideas and teachings that later we can put into practice and remember when we come across situations that may be similar. In the review we are doing of films to transmit values, we select a few to teach children the value of peace.

Movies to educate children in peace

Azur and Asmar (2013)

Two children are raised in France as brothers. One is rich and the other son of the nurse of the family. Life separates them abruptly but they will be reunited when Azur decides to go in search of the Djins Fairy. Fable about tolerance made by Michel Ocelot, director of "Kirikú y la bruja".

Antz (1998)

Z-4196 is just a neurotic male worker ant, one more among its millions of sisters. After dancing with the princess Bala, he falls in love with her, but it is an impossible love. He convinces, however, a friend to give him his place in a military parade to be near the princess.

The excavation of a new tunnel is supervised by General Mandible, an ambitious ant that convinces the queen of the need to send the ant-hill battalion to the war against termites. And in that battalion is the scary and cowardly Z ...

Chain of favors (2000)

A child imagines a curious system to improve the world; Do favors selflessly To everyone's surprise, the generous proposal causes a furor among the people. Only one thing is needed: each person who receives a favor, must make another one to three more people, in such a way that the chain never stops.

The war of the buttons (2011)

While the Second World War (1939-1945) is taking place, another fight is being waged in a corner of the French countryside: two gangs of boys from two nearby villages fight for control of their territory. In one of those battles, Lebrac, a thirteen-year-old boy, conflicted but with a big heart, has a brilliant idea: to rip the buttons off the prisoners' clothes so that they return to their homes defeated and humiliated * but the end is incredible.

The boy with the striped pajamas (2008)

It is essential to talk about the horrors of war and, therefore, the need to always seek peace, although it is better to see it with older children. It is set in World War II. Specifically in the Berlin of 1942. Bruno is eight years old and does not know the meaning of the Final Solution and the Holocaust.

He is not aware of the terrible cruelties that his country, in the middle of the world war, is infringing on the peoples of Europe. All he knows is that his father - recently appointed commander of a concentration camp - has climbed the ladder, and has gone from living in a comfortable house in Berlin to an isolated area. Everything changes when he meets Shmuel, a Jewish boy who lives a strange parallel existence on the other side of the fence.

Angela R. Bonachera

Video: WHAT IS PEACE? Children's book by Etan Boritzer

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