Video: what children really do when we leave them napping

"Duérmete child, go to sleep now, the coconut comes and will eat you" ... that's what the lullaby sings. A simple and traditional phrase that we have probably heard over many years in our homes and sing to our little ones before going to sleep, both at night and in the NAP. But do they really sleep?

Many children do, but others have a hard time taking a nap. Some, in this "art of not sleeping," seem to be more disguised than others. So we see it in this cute and funny video with hidden camera which shows how two babies do not precisely nap when their parents leave the room and are left alone.

Hidden camera shows two children during their nap

Two twins named Niña Williams and Cecilia Moyer live together while one of them builds her house. This has resulted in their two children, cousins ​​Mariah and Beckham have to share the siesta time... well, that in theory.

Seeing that the children did not seem to sleep too much in the time spent sleeping, these two sisters decided to install a hidden camera in the room to capture what the two children do while their mothers are not in front, and the result is to break out laughing .

When mom is not

"Mom is gone", they seem to say the little ones, who raise their heads as soon as the door of their room has been closed. Then, as if they said "the party begins", they begin to have some interesting conversations between babblings.

The little one is lying in a convertible crib, while the boy seems to be in a travel cot. Be that as it may, the little one, who seems a little older than Mariah, starts playing with a toy that finally falls to the ground: then, neither short nor lazy, he lifts a leg and almost in a jump you leave the cradle while his cousin observes him with curiosity.

In these, Mariah took her bottle and threw it to the ground, so Beckham takes it and throws it back ... with the bad luck that gives in the head to his poor cousin, who begins to cry. Your reaction then is tremendously adorable: he takes his bottle and gives it to his cousin to comfort her, and climbs into the crib caress his head.

The history, as funny as tender, It has also served to teach these mothers that cousins they should not be together to take a nap ... if they want them to sleep. And, also, that the bottle should take them once they have given it to the little ones. You always learn! Do not miss the video and share it with your contacts.

Angela R. Bonachera

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