10 tips to prevent obesity in adolescents

Childhood obesity is increasing throughout the world, which will lead toObese teens and, if nothing is done to prevent it, obese adults. Therefore it is necessary put measures against this situation from childhood, but also adolescence. We give you 10 tips to get it.

Even though the obesity is the increase in body weight associated with an imbalance in the proportions of the different components of the organismor, having a few extra kilos does not mean that someone is obese: This occurs when the person weighs 10 percent (or more) of the recommended weight for their height and body type.

With obesity, fat increases with an abnormal distribution throughout the body, which increases can cause or predispose to suffer other diseases. As explained by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, obesity commonly begins in childhood: between the ages of 5 to 6 years and during adolescence. Studies have shown that the child who is obese between the ages of 10 to 13 years has an 80 percent chance of becoming an obese adult, hence the importance of quick remedy.

The causes of obesity

The causes of obesity are not clear at all: there are genetic, biological, behavioral and cultural factors. Even so, we can find common guidelines, which from this association of psychiatrists summarize in the following points:

- poor eating habits

- overeating or losing the ability to stop eating

- lack of exercise

- history of obesity in the family (genetic factor)

- medical diseases (endocrine problems or neurological)

- medicines (steroids and some psychiatric medications)

- changes in life that cause them a lot of stress (separations, divorce, moving, deaths, abuse)

- family or peer problems

- low self-esteem

- depression or other emotional problems

Complications of obesity in adolescents

As has already been said, obesity does not only imply being above the ideal weight, but also involves many risks and complications, among which are:

- an increase in risk of heart disease

- high blood pressure

- diabetes

- breathing problems

- sleep difficulties

Tips against obesity in adolescents

Being a problem so serious and that does not stop growing, from the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality give 10 keys to help teens not to fall into obesity. Learn them well:

1.- Perform a planned and balanced diet trying to avoid the excessive amount of sandwiches, soft drinks, sweets, etc. and instead increase the supply of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, pulses and whole grain cereals.

2.- Do regular physical exercise through some kind of sports practice. Walking or practicing a sport with your friends or family can be a good way to stimulate physical activity.

3.- Respect the meal schedules. Avoid eating between meals high-fat foods and sugars, as this has two drawbacks: they provide many calories and few nutrients and remove the desire to eat much more nutritious food

4.- Do not forget about the dairy products. They are very important for your bones to have all the calcium they need. If you tend to overweight select skimmed or semi-skimmed.

5.- Do not forget that whats carbohydrates They are our main source of energy. You can find them at:

- the cereals: rice, oats, corn, wheat and its derivatives; flours and products made with them such as bread, pasta, cookies.

- legumes (peas, chickpeas, lentils, etc.). These also provide fiber that is important to regulate the functioning of our intestine and prevent diseases.

6.- Caution with fast food: it fattens a lot and feeds little.

7.- It is important comer slowly and without distractions (TV, video games, etc.). More than two hours in front of the television favor obesity.

8.- Eat in moderation and variety: a little of everything and not much of one.

9.- That the whole family participate in the practice of good eating habits. A healthy diet is healthy for all of them, whether or not they are overweight.

10.- Adolescence is a stage of psychological changes important that can affect the attitude toward food, appearing rejection by body image and eating disorders, in this case: consult your doctor.

Angela R. Bonachera

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