10 keys to continue learning English during the summer

Classes have ended and vacations are a period of relaxation with more flexible schedules and no homework or planned tasks, but it is advisable not to stall the learning of children during the holidays. In this sense, the idea is to take advantage of leisure time to encourage learning and achieve better school performance.

10 ways to continue learning English during the summer

Helen Doron English, specialists in early English learning, proposes ten keys to continue learning English during the summer so that children, without realizing it, practice the language in a fun and spontaneous way.

1. Watch cartoons and movies in original version. It is advisable to watch cartoons and favorite movies in their original version so that they do not lose the habit of listening to English and learn new words. If there are no better subtitles, it is important that they relate the images with the words and thus become accustomed to the sound, the rhythm and the accent of the language.

2. Go to summer camps in English. A good idea for them to have a different and fun summer is for the children to attend a bilingual camp or after-school activities in English. The camps are designed to have fun and learn with workshops and outdoor games, in which English is the fundamental pillar of all activities.

3. Read in English. Reading is also an activity for the little ones to entertain themselves this summer while they learn. Reading books in English according to your level will help to improve your understanding and favors your imagination.

4. Perform family activities in English. Parents can also participate in their learning. Doing activities at home where we encourage children to speak English is a good idea to live with the language on a daily basis.

5. Hire a bilingual caregiver. If parents work, another good option is to hire a bilingual caregiver. For children to have direct contact with English, it is an opportunity and a unique experience, and with the confidence of being in their own home and environment.

6. Enjoy interactive online tools and apps in English. There are multiple applications for mobile phones and tablets to keep in touch with English.

7. Combine hobbies with English. The tasks are best done when they are enjoyed because they are more receptive, motivated and open to learning. Combining hobbies with English will make it easier. Crafts, cooking, football ... nowadays there are all kinds of workshops in English that can also be enjoyed as a family.

8. Welcome an Anglo-Saxon student at home. Hosting a foreign student in your home for a certain period of time can be a very useful practice, not only for children, but for all members of the family. When the boys are a little older and mature, they can be the ones who make the exchange.

9. Take advantage of vacations to make foreign friends. Another idea is to take advantage of vacations and get to know people from other countries as a family and communicate with them in English. It is not necessary to travel outside of Spain, in any tourist area of ​​the country you will find English-speaking travelers with whom to share the visit.

10. Listen to music, listen to the radio and sing in English. Listening and singing songs in English improves pronunciation, learns vocabulary and best of all, they will have a great time.

The most important thing is to have patience and enjoy. Although parents do not want them to forget what they have learned, they are on vacation, so it is important to present the language in a fun way so that they see it as a game and not as an obligation.

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