10 curiosities about the Minions that will surprise you

The Minions are here! When we recommended movies for the whole family, we talked about the series of 'Gru My favorite villain' to open your mouth before the premiere of summer: The minions. And they are here! This Friday, July 3 is the premiere, and you may want to "prepare" for your arrival with These curiosities about these funny dolls.

The Minons

The story of The Minions go back to the beginning of time. They began as unicellular yellow organisms that evolved over time, always putting themselves at the service of the most despicable masters. Faced with their inability to keep those masters (from the Tyrannosaurus Rex to Napoleon), The Minions end up finding themselves alone and fall into a deep depression ...

However, one of them, named Kevin, has a plan. Accompanied by the rebellious Stuart and the adorable Bob, he undertakes an exciting journey to get a boss to serve, the terrible Scarlet Overkill. They will pass from the frozen Antarctic, to the city of New York in the sixties, to end up in London at the same time, where they will have to face the biggest challenge to date: saving the Minion race from annihilation.

From Gru to the Minions

Who was going to tell the lovely servants of the villain Gru that they would end up starring in his own movie! Although the truth is that everyone who has seen the two previous films has fallen exhausted before these crazy and friendly beings with whom we have had a great time

Their tronchantes adventures they will delight big and old, of that there is no doubt but ... speaking of doubtsWhat do we know about them? In the films of Gru Mi Villano Favorito we have laughed with them and we have learned from their mistakes but ... what language do they speak? ¿Why the "good" ones are yellow and the "bad ones" are purple?

These, and more answers, we found them in Lorepop, a Facebook page dedicated to sharing facts and curiosities on various topics. As the page is in English, we have taken this translation prepared by the Disconnect website. Look what curious data!

Curiosities about The Minions that will surprise you

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