Discover Zaragoza with children

To visit the capital of Aragon with children it's quite an experience: you could say that Saragossa is designed for families and for children, and has many attractions to make your trip to the city unforgettable. If you plan to organize a break to Zaragoza, Do not miss this guide.

The rich one historical-monumental heritage from the streets of Zaragoza, it brings together precious jewels of civil and religious architecture and a multitude of museums. Each walk through the oldest areas of the city is of enormous wealth and interest. In them you can discover the heritage that Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians They bequeathed us and tell your children.

The five essential places in Zaragoza

When visiting the city, in addition to going to the places most designed for children, it is almost obligatory contemplate the historical monuments, sign of the passage of time and that so many things can tell us, and know those signs of identity of the city that, in the case of Zaragoza, speak to us a lot about the Great Spanish painter Goya. These are the five must-see places to go to the city:

The pillar

Baroque temple and one of the most important pilgrimage centers of the Catholic world. It is also an artistic center of the first order that brings together works of great value from different eras. The frescoes of the Coreto vault and the Regina martyrum dome were painted by Goya.


Builda on the mosque of the old Muslim city, the oldest remains are preserved in the area of ​​the Romanesque capital dating from the twelfth century. Eclectic set of styles, combining from the Romanesque to the Neoclassical. The Tapestry Museum exhibits an extraordinary collection of Flemish tapestries from the Metropolitan Cabildo.

The aljafería

Is one of the most important monuments of Hispano - Muslim architecture of the eleventh century. Although the building has undergone successive reforms, we can walk among its beautiful garden porticos of the Patio de Santa Isabel, the Golden Hall and the Oratory.

Route Caesaraugusta

Is one of the largest theaters of Roman Hispania. It had a capacity of around 6,000 spectators, a fact that reveals the importance of this building in a city that had about 18,000 inhabitants. Started in the time of Tiberius, its construction extends to the Claudius empire.

Unlike other theaters that took advantage of the unevenness of the terrain to develop the grandstand, that of Caesaraugusta is built on a flat plot, following the model of Marcelo's theater, in Rome. You should also visit the Forum Museum, the Fluvial Port, the Public Baths and the Caesaraugusta Theater, as they all tell us about the Roman past of the city.


Zaragoza was the city of Goya, and as such has a lot of places to remember the great painter and take a tour of its steps: the Basilica del Pilar, the Zaragoza Museum, the Camón Aznar Museum and the Charterhouse of the Aula Dei are places of pilgrimage for art lovers.

Activities for children and families in Zaragoza

.- Zaragoza Family: Bonus that includes services offered by Zaragoza Turismo and discounts from different establishments located in the Water Park and the Amusement Park, designed for children.

.- Museums: Several municipal museums include exclusive activities for families: just go through the ones that most attract your attention and inform you about their programming.

.- Aquarium of Zaragoza: teach your children the wonder of aquatic nature in this place. The Fluvial Aquarium of Zaragoza shows the five great rivers of the Planet (Nile, Mekong, Amazon, Darling and Ebro), their different ecosystems and their natural life, in a fascinating journey through thematic galleries.

-.Megabus: Join the film director Luz Cámara on a fun one-hour walk to find locations in the city for her next film.

-. Divertour: Visit that has continuity with the route of the Megabus, since after seeing the locations the Film Director, Luz Cámara is preparing to direct the actress Divina Fashion, the protagonist of the film, making her first shots in the surroundings of the Plaza del Pilar, asking for the collaboration of the participants in the visit.

The parks of Zaragoza with children

Of course, urban parks are great options for those who live there to walk through them, but also for visitors to enjoy them. Do not miss these two:

-Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta. Within it we can enjoy different spaces, like the avenue of San Sebastián, marked by successive ornamental fountains, the Botanical Garden and the Rincón de Goya, travel by train, bicycle rental and family car-bicycle, among others. Occupying a privileged place is the monument to King Alfonso I El Batallador, who reconquered Zaragoza in 1118.

- Metropolitan Water Park Luis Buñuel. A new concept of Urban park what combination large green areas, services and leisure activities for all the citizens. The park constitutes one of the new incentive offers in the city. In less than 1 square km and next to the Expo Aragón Conference Center, more than 40 different activities are offered, such as adventure sports or leisure activities that constitute the largest leisure offer in the city.

It is located in the west area of ​​the city. At a point easily accessible from the rounds of Zaragoza as well as from the nearby Delicias Intermodal Station, only 700 meters away. Arriving at the park is very easy from any point of the city, both in public transport and in your own car, it has more than 1000 free parking places.

Angela R. Bonachera

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