Week 37. Pregnancy week by week

Changes in the pregnant woman: week 37 of pregnancy

You will notice that you are still and every time you will be more tired. The last trimester of pregnancy is the one in which hard it does To fall asleep by the increase of the belly and other discomforts like the swelling of the extremities, the pain in the ribs (by the size and the position of the fetus) and the necessity to go to the bathroom frequently.

In addition, in this 37th week of gestation it may be that the contractions of Braxton Hicks increase in number and discomfort, without ever being confused with contractions prior to delivery (more frequent and painful).

As a major novelty, in addition to an increase in vaginal discharge, progressive dilation of the cervix may cause expulsion of the mucous plug, a transparent gelatinous secretion that is usually accompanied by a slight spotting or small strands of blood that is known as "cervical bleeding". This is sign that the delivery is approaching, but do not worry, it may still take several days or even weeks.

Development of the baby in week 37 of pregnancy

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Your baby is already about 3 kilos and can reach up to half a meter in height. As we said, you already have the optimal conditions to be born and not need an incubator. These next weeks will increase a little more weight and height.

The most probable thing is that in the previous weeks the fetus has already adopted the cephalic posture, face down, ready for the moment of delivery. Even so, 3% are not placed in this way, which means that, if the baby does not turn around spontaneously, the gynecologist can schedule a cesarean for the following weeks. In case the pregnant woman only wants to give birth vaginally, the doctor could practice external version maneuvers to cause the fetus to turn, although these carry a series of dangers and contraindications.

Also in this week 37 of pregnancy:

1. The lanugo disappears almost completely.

2. Nails grow noticeably and become stronger and harder.

3. Hair also grows. There are babies that are born with enough hair (even different from the color of their parents' hair) and others that are born without hair or with some very fine hair.

4. The fetus increases 15 grams of fat per day that allow you to regulate your body temperature in a more aggregate way.

The health of the pregnant woman at week 37 of pregnancy

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As we already anticipated, according to several studies, in the last trimester of pregnancy is when you will notice that It is more difficult to sleep at night. This will force you (and it is very necessary) to rest several times throughout the day.

Do not let your guard down with food. Follow with 4 or 5 light meals a day and do not be afraid to snack between healthy things that give you that energy that you need so much in these last weeks of pregnancy week by week.

Emotionally you are nervous and anxious, it is normal. Take advantage of these rest days to prepare everything you need to take to the hospital and even to have essential things ready once your baby is born: clothes, diapers, toilet, a crib .. Preventing all this you will see how you can reduce stress and fear of childbirth and the future.

Control of pregnancy at week 37 of pregnancy

This 37th week of pregnancy is your last opportunity to perform your own third-trimester analysis and repeat, if necessary, the toxoplasma serology and check the coagulation of the woman for the future administration of the epidural. As of this week it is also likely that your gynecologist will perform a fetal monitoring weeks to ensure the correct oxygenation and vitality of the fetus (paying special attention to the placenta), as well as to check if you have uterine contractions, in which case you will have a vaginal touch.

Finally, in the last month of pregnancy there is more possibility of developing a serious illness called preeclampsia. This is another reason for visit your doctor more often, who will check that you do not suffer the symptoms, that is to say,

1. that your blood pressure is not too high

2. that there is no excess protein in your urine

3. and that your hands and face are not excessively swollen

In any case, if your gynecologist considers that there is a risk to your baby, you may recommend inducing labor.

Pregnancy calendar week to week

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