Reading, a game for children

If the reading for the adult is a way of grow in freedom, in addition to acquiring a wealth of knowledge and experiences that would be impossible to achieve in any other way, for your child reading is the most transcendental step of all his education.

Children, long before learning to read, like to be told stories and fables, to sing songs, etc. This is already a literary experience, is more, is the pillar on which will be based later that your child is a good reader.

Reading is very beneficial for its development, stimulates the imagination and helps the progress of abstract thinking.

Prepare your child to read

As parents, we must encourage our children to love reading, we are their main reference in this field. It is important that you teach your child how much reading can be fun and prepare them to learn to read.

Having fun with games, singing songs, having conversations and reading aloud are activities to give the little one literacy skills, which they will later need at school. These activities help the child connect the words they hear with the ones they see and this is the first step to be a good reader.

Reading is the result of many knowledge that the child acquires throughout his preschool years. It is important that at this time we give you opportunities to settle this knowledge, looking for daily activities where you experience the pleasure of learning.

How to help children identify letters

Between 3 and 6 years old, that is to say, in the pre-school stage the children already know a lot about the language. They know that people take turns talking to each other. They understand that the letters have meaning and can even identify some letters of the alphabet. They memorize their favorite stories and make them see that they read while they turn the pages of the book.

Give your child opportunities to practice what he knows and to explore everything that is printed around him with these tricks to teach reading. The Literature must be a game for him, that fill the world of his fantasy and that progressively expand and enrich his command of language. Children who learn to read only in school and do not have this reference at home, do not usually become avid readers. On the contrary, if at home he has access to his small library and we encourage him to spend some time with the books, reading will be a pleasure for him, an authentic diversion, although at the beginning it requires an effort, more or less important.

Call things by their names

Talking with your child throughout the day is one of the most important things you can do to prepare him for reading. Your conversations will teach you new words and help you to know how to listen and talk with others. To make sure that your little one gets the most out of your conversations, it is advisable that you use words that you would use with adults, for example, talk to them about car and not about brum-brum.

When you ask about any topic, try to open the questions, type "Why do you think this has happened ?, What do you think about how the story of the naughty burrito has ended?". In this sense, when answering, your child must find in you a patient listener. Let her complete her thoughts, it will help strengthen her confidence and improve her ability to express herself.

A little bit of reading before going to sleep

This preschool phase is very important because it is where your child will take the habit and taste for reading. Children love being read a book before going to sleep. Take advantage and enjoy that moment with your son. You will be procuring a happy memory of your childhood and you will create a good habit for your whole life.

When the child begins to read, be consistent and try to find a moment before he goes to bed to share it with him and his favorite book.

But remember that parents can never force the child, although we know the importance of reading. If your child refuses to read, it may not be mature yet or we have not been able to motivate him properly. Knowing the character of your child is very good to seek imaginative solutions to attract you to this world of literature that will awaken your imagination and creativity.

The example of parents in the habit of reading

In order to achieve reading children it is very important that they see you read, because the child learns basically by imitation and by his own creativity. You can share some kind of book or magazine, from time to time. On other occasions it is good to comment, ask, discuss, argue what you have seen or read with them.

The child will love to share something so special with his father or mother and thus also strengthen his reading comprehension.Read every day, even if it's only a few minutes, (it does not have to be a book, it can be a magazine or a comic), it helps improve reading and learning skills. Take advantage of this stage in the life of your child, it is a good time to acquire this habit.

Ana Aznar
Advisor: Sílvia Gallostra. Psychopedagogue of Essential Minds.

More information in the book:
- How to make children readers. Carmen lomas Pastor. Ed. Word.

Video: Learn How to Read Word | Reading Game for Kids | Phonic Letter Sound

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