Share and Recycle, the solidarity campaign to collect toys

In the education of our children, values ​​play a crucial role: caring for the environment, the importance of the family and, of course, solidarity and the need to share what we have with other people. To teach them this, it is very useful to set an example and join campaigns like 'Share and Recycle', dedicated to the collection of toys.

The second edition of the 'Share and Recycle' campaign, which has as its main objective, has already begun give a new life to those toys that we have abandoned at home but with which other children can be very happy. And how? Well, thanks to the families that share those toys that their children no longer use. Surely you have many at home that can be very useful!

"Your toys, like you, like to have good times, they are made to make children happy, that's why, when you stop playing with them, they get bored." To get a smile back at those toys, we've had a great idea: look for another child to play with them", they count from the initiative.

Share toys, a form of solidarity

If you have a toy that you do not use anymore, we suggest you give it to another child to keep having fun and can "relive the joy that toys feel when you unwrap them and start playing with them", as they explain from 'Share and Recycle', They encourage all families to take toys that they no longer use to the collection points between June 19 and July 12.

"Sharing your toys you get all the girls and children have the opportunity to learn while playing and grow up happy ", they assure from the initiative, that they give another motive more to participate: "as we take care of recycling those that are not in good condition, help to take care of the planet and protect the environment".

What toys can be donated?

You can donate any type of toy that your children have played with but no longer do it, not because they are broken, but because they have grown older for them or, simply, now play with another. Of course, it is requested that donations have these characteristics:

-The toys have to be in good state and keep all the pieces necessary to play

-To the extent possible, toys should be in their original boxes and contain the instructions. Give them as you would like to receive them.

- Broken toys, even if they work, can be dangerous for another child. Better take them directly to the recycling container.

- Parents can be a great help to choose toys, share with them this moment and enjoy a fun time!

-Review the toys for the youngest children (a stuffed animal, a mobile cradle, a blanket of activities ...) Does not contain loose small pieces of another toy, for example, of an older brother.

-If you use batteries and are worn, it is best to throw them in the right container. Worn batteries can be dangerous for other children.

-In bicycles, tricycles or rides cOtest stability, general conditions and braking devices. We do not want your next owner to get scared.

-Remember at all times that you are fulfilling a great mission: make other children happy by giving a second life to the toys that you no longer use.

Where do I deliver them and who carries out the campaign?

On the website '', you can check tall the toy collection points and delivery times. The campaign has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Neox Kidz and the Crecer Jugando Foundation that organize it.

Ecotic and Recytech will take care of the recycling and logistics part; The Seur Foundation will also be responsible for the collection and delivery of toys, and the Ilade Association will reprocess the toys in the warehouse loaned by Actiu.

Once a recovery process is over, Plan Internacional will receive the toys and make it possible for other children to play with them through their projects. Childhood support in developing countries.

In the last edition, more than 5,000 toys opted for a second life, what represents 38% of the donated toys throughout the campaign. The remaining 62% was sent to reprocessing centers for recycling. Participate so that this year can be many more children who can enjoy a summer with toys that can not access otherwise, and also teaches your children a very important value: share.

Angela R. Bonachera

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