The children, determining when choosing family vacations

When we go on vacation, we leave all the members of the family: parents and children. Under this premise, it is becoming more common for the opinion of the children to be decisive when choosing the destination of the summer holidays in family. Whether it's the beach or the mountain, children have a lot to say.

According to a study carried out in several countries of the world, 90% of parents take into account the opinion of the children at the time of going on vacation. In the case of Spain, the percentage is somewhat lower: 60% of Spanish parents say that involves the children in the house in making decisions because, in this way, children enjoy more holidays, as they point from HomeAway.

Taking children into account in decision-making has become an international trend: the 'kidfluence', according to which 94% of Spanish parents give their children enough authority to choose the holiday destination, understanding that this decision will be beneficial for the whole family: if the children enjoy, so do the parents.

The influence of children on family decisions

The case of Spain is not the only one: 60% of the parents of the United States and the United Kingdom also give their children authority, a very similar percentage in the case of the French (55%) and Germans (64%) who believe what Granting the children authority to choose their fate is fundamental to making them see that parents care about what their children say.

In this way, it emphasizes that children have decision-making power in all aspects related to vacations: from the activities that will be carried out, to the type of holidays (sun and beach, mountain, cultural, etc.) and even planning of the summer days.

Holidays, the best time for families

Another interesting topic revealed in this survey isThe great value that Spanish parents give to vacations, because they are understood as the best time to reconnect with the family and spend more time together. The Spanish respondents have assured that the holidays are perfect to enjoy a time of rest in family (75%), percentage higher than people who have highlighted this time for sightseeing (61%) or just to relax and sunbathe ( fifty%).

And the children, what do you think? This survey has also asked the children, and the answers are very much in line with what parents have already said: the Spanish children value the time of family holidays for walks and excursions that they realize all together (55%), by the discovery of new places (51%) and by the new experiences that they live (48%). Now, not everything could be perfect: 38% do not like that during the holidays is far from their friends.

This is related to another relevant fact: for 60% of Spanish children, the ideal company in their vacations (apart from the family) would be the friends, while parents think more about the grandparents as ideal companions in these rest days.

The preferred accommodation, the holiday home

At the time of choosing the holiday destination, the accommodation also influences: according to this survey, the Holiday home is one of the favorite family accommodation for parents and children. In fact, for 32% of the young people surveyed, having their own room or bed is one of the main incentives to rent a holiday apartment. For their part, parents take into account mainly the size of the rooms and the house.

Among the benefits that respondents have highlighted from vacation homes is having an open space or garden to move freely and the not be under the limitations or rules usual of hotels.

These same reasons explain that the cruise, motorhome and accommodation in 'B & B'(Bed and breakfast, a type of hotels that give you breakfast with the bed) are less popular among Spaniards when they organize their family vacations.

Now, put to dream ... children also have preferences. From this survey it appears that 34% of Spanish children would want spend a vacation in a tree house, while 25% and 12% would opt for a castle and a spaceship.

A perfect beach vacation

The survey also indicates that, in Spain, the beach it is one of the favorite destinations of children to travel as a family, although the theme park or attractions is also one of their preferences. If you ask them about the "essentials" in the holidays, the pool is another of the elements that can not be missing for parents or children, who point it as a fundamental characteristic when looking for a holiday destination.

'Beachwear' and new technologies

It is already known that on vacation one neglects something more his clothing daily, and this seems to be something that children do not like too much: 10% of them want their parents to want that tacky bathing suit once they get home, or that Hawaiian or sleeveless shirt.

For the children, the most ridiculous garment that their parents wear during the holidays are the fanny packs: this is what 11% of the respondents say. Of course, not in all cases children are so critical: 50% of respondents believe that their parents do not live badly on vacation.

Finally, the survey asked families about their use of new technologies. It is interesting to note that in Spain, despite the perception that we live connected, 60% do not believe that their parents are busy with their smartphones, and also 76% say that their parents are happier on vacation.

Angela R. Bonachera

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