Week 14. Pregnancy week by week

You've been pregnant for fourteen weeks, three and a half months, and you've probably already experienced a change of life. A different diet, the suppression of certain foods, medical tests ... But you still have a long way to go in pregnancy week after week until you have completed forty weeks of pregnancy.

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Physical and psychological changes of pregnant women

The pregnant woman continues to grow in week 14 of pregnancy. Although it is still very little bulky, you will notice it and begin to notice it. New symptoms continue to appear.

1. Some pregnant women around week 14 noticed a sensitivity that they did not have in the gums and even bleeding. This is because during pregnancy the blood vessels are more dilated because more blood circulates through the body and are more fragile. But it is nothing alarming.

2. Gravidarian rhinitis is also common. You feel your nose blocked. It is for the same reason that the gums. As more blood circulates, the blood vessels become inflamed and produce the sensation of tamponade.

3. Increase secretions, both of colostrum, a yellowish liquid that comes out of the nipple, and vaginal discharge.

4. Your uterus will continue to grow.

The development of the baby during week 14

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The fetus continues to grow very fast and each time it looks more like the baby that will be born. Some of its new features are the following:

1. Right now measures between 8-9.5 centimeters long and weighs around 25-30 grams.

2. TOthey look like the lips in the mouth.

3. The arms They reach the size they will have in relation to their body.

4. His body is surrounded by lanugo, which is a very fine hair that covers the whole body.

5. Their muscles are growing more and more

6. Deglute more and more liquid, what makes the intestine continue to develop. This is very important.

7. Taste buds appear, although he does not use them.

The health of the pregnant woman at week 14 of pregnancy

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Your body changes and although you have begun to sleep better after having overcome the nausea, dizziness and fatigue, it is now likely to start to be a bit difficult. As your body is increasing in volume you must find the right posture to be comfortable in bed. The position most recommended by doctors is on the side, with the legs shrunk and a pillow between them, to facilitate blood flow. Sleep Upside down will start to be impossible.

Go to the hospital if you feel something is not right or you have any of these symptoms:

1. If you notice that you lose amniotic fluid

2. If you suffer intense vaginal bleeding and red

3. Fever higher than 38.5 cº.

4. Abdominal pain prolonged and intense

5. Suffering from preeclampsia. A disease whose symptoms are high blood pressure, blurred vision and severe headaches.

Control of pregnancy in week 14 of pregnancy

During the fourteenth week of pregnancy there is no important test to perform. All the tests have already been done around the tenth and twelfth weeks of pregnancy. In the event that an ultrasound was done during this week you could see things as curious as the valves of the heart, see the fingers of the hands when it opens or the lens of the eyes.

Pregnancy calendar week by week

Click on each petal or circle to see the content of your week or trimester of pregnancy respectively.

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