Week 32. Pregnancy week by week

Changes in the pregnant woman: week 32 of pregnancy

You continue to gain weight, up to half a kilo per week. Your blood volume is also much higher, 40-50% more than before pregnancy. Think that part of that blood your body uses for the care of the baby and will use it as compensation after childbirth.

In this 32 week of pregnancy your uterus reaches approximately 40 centimeters, although it will expand even more in the coming weeks. This increase will affect your stomach, causing some acidity, and to your lungs, so you'll notice pressure in the sternum and some difficulty breathing. Do not worry, it's normal. In addition, the uterus can press some nerves, which will cause discomfort in the back, lumbar, buttocks and hips.

Other symptoms typical of the previous weeks of pregnancy are repeated:

1. Tiredness and generalized fatigue.

2. Appearance of colostrum (substance composed of water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and immunoglobulins that will feed the newborn until the milk rises).

3. Swelling, above all, of the feet. For this, try to wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for optimal circulation.

4. Hemorrhoids may appear because of constipation and worse circulation proper to pregnancy.

Development of the baby in week 32 of pregnancy

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Already weighs between 1.8 and 2 kilos and measures about 43 centimeters approx. Despite the loss of space and its large size will not stop moving, being more usual to be "active" at night. This 32nd week of pregnancy is full of new developments for the baby:

1. Their lungs is it so practically trained, which would increase your chances of survival in case of premature delivery this week.

2. Even if you are surprised, your brain is very similar to what you will have once you are born. Scientists say that your baby can think, even remember: as of this week, your baby can already create his first memory.

3. You already have nails and even some hair (some only have a little hair). With the increase in weight, your skin continues to become smoother and smoother as well as rosacea.

The health of the pregnant woman at week 32 of pregnancy

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Follow the tips of the article on week 31 of pregnancy:

1. Sleep with pillows to improve your rest, fundamental in this final stretch.

2. Watch your diet and try to follow a calcium rich diet, so important for the proper development of your baby's bones and teeth: milk or derivatives (cheese or yogurt), fish, nuts are some of the options. Without forgetting, of course, the antioxidant vitamins that you will find in fruits such as strawberries, blueberries or blackberries, which will help your baby carry out its vital functions.

Control of pregnancy in week 32 of pregnancy

First of all, do not forget to go to the doctor to perform the ultrasound corresponding to the third quarter.

It is important that you have signed up for preparation course for childbirth and that you try to go to the classes with your partner. There they will prepare you with different physical and mental exercises that will help you in this last stage of pregnancy and, above all, at the time of delivery. The essential perineum preparation (space between the anus and the sexual parts) facing the birth; You can also "prepare" it at home with massage with rosehip oil, which will contribute to a greater flexibility of the vagina and to avoid possible tears.

In this 32 week of pregnancy it's time for you to take more precautions when putting yourself behind the wheel. Keep in mind that this last quarter is characterized by changes that may affect your driving ability: vision disorders, changes in sugar levels, hormonal variations, changes in blood pressure ...

Finally, and If you notice some of the following symptoms, do not hesitate to go and talk with your gynecologist as soon as possible:

- If your eyes are cloudy or you see spots.

- If you lose blood or other fluid through the vagina.

- If you feel that the baby makes excessive pressure down.

- If you have more than 5 contractions in one hour

Pregnancy calendar week to week

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