Week 33. Pregnancy week by week

Changes in the pregnant woman: week 33 of pregnancy

The symptom of the previous weeks of pregnancy they repeat and they are even accentuated:

1. The Braxton Hicks contractions, that prepare your body for contractions prior to delivery. The normal is an average of 5 contractures per hour.

2. The appearance of colostrum in the breasts.

Remember that as the uterus increases in volume it presses on your stomach and lungs what can cause heartburn and some breathing difficulty.

As a novelty, the pregnant woman in week 33 of gestation usually suffer from the so-called carpal tunnel syndrome, which consists of the swelling of the nerves of the wrists due to fluid retention. If you notice pain and some insensibility in your fingers, wrists and hands do not worry, the nerves that pass through these extremities are "pinched" and hence the sensation of tingling and numbness

Finally, you can suffer the dreaded sciatica, produced by compression of the sciatic nerve, which will cause some lumbar discomfort. For this do not forget the regular practice of exercise (within your physical possibilities) and, for more immediate effects, paracetamol and the application of local heat.

Development of the baby in week 33 of pregnancy

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Your 32 week old baby already weighs more than two kilos and measures between 44 and 47 centimeters. He continues to gain body fat while his rapid development continues, highlighting his brain: his head circumference now reaches 30.6 cm. It is very probable that your baby is already placed face down, in cephalic position, and if it is not, do not worry, you still have weeks to turn spontaneously.

In addition, the development of the baby in week 33 of gestation is manifested as follows:

1. The fetus realizes the so-called MOR, Fast Eye movements, which would indicate that the child already dreams and have periods of sleep and wakefulness as a newborn.

2. Your brain continues to mature and they progressively increase the number of neurons and, therefore, the connections between them.

3. The bones harden except for the bones of the skull, which will continue softer and allow their understanding so that the baby goes through the vaginal canal. These cranial bones will not be completely attached until several months after birth.

4. The baby keeps storing iron, fundamental for the hardening of the bones and the formation of the teeth. It will continue to store until birth, hence the possible anemia of premature babies.

In general terms, you should know that your baby's five senses are already functioning. Except the smell (will not smell until born), he / she is able to see what surrounds him, taste the amniotic fluid, feel the finger that sucks and listen to your voice and your heart.

The health of the pregnant woman at week 33 of pregnancy

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Follow the advice we gave the weeks 31 and 32 of pregnancy in this review of your pregnancy week by week:

About the food, better 5 or 6 light meals than 2 or 3 plentiful. You will manage to reduce the acidity and possible constipation. Reduce foods such as coffee, tea, chocolate, carbonated drinks and other foods with fat preparations. On the contrary, it increases carbohydrates, proteins and, of course, fruit and vegetables, source of vitamins and minerals. Do not forget drink at least 2 liters of water per day for optimal hydration.

On the other hand, specialists advise Massage in the perineum (around the vagina) to prevent tears at the time of delivery. Although these massages are recommended 4 or 5 weeks before birth (week 34 - 35) you can inform yourself and go practicing already.

Try to change your posture frequently to reduce discomfort caused by fluid retention.

Finally, emotionally, the 33-week pregnant women are frequent dreams about childbirth and subsequent baby care, tango positive and negative. Also, try talking to your baby daily, you've seen that he can listen to you and create a affective tie stronger than you imagine.

Control of pregnancy in week 33 of pregnancy

Do not forget to make an appointment at your gynecologist for analytics corresponding to the third quarter. Your doctor will assess if you suffer from anemia (lack of iron), something very common at this stage of pregnancy. It is also possible that you analyze your coagulation for the administration of the epidural (local anesthetic) if you wish.

As a curiosity, you should know that the shape of your gut can corroborate the sex of the child and even predict the possible moment of delivery.

Pregnancy calendar week to week

Click on each petal or circle to see the content of your week or trimester of pregnancy respectively.

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