Children feel better with their pets nearby

Pets are good for children. Having a pet at home has multiple benefits for the whole family, but especially for the little ones of the house, that thanks to these animals they learn important values like trust, self-esteem and responsibility. But not only that, 94% of theSpanish children feel better if they have a pet nearby.

This information we have known this week, and it is clear from a study called 'VLink between children and pets in Spain'that the Affinity Foundation has drawn up through surveys of children throughout Spain.

One of the most significant and interesting data of this work is thatEis out of ten children said that interacting with pets helps them to love and respect people more, what re-emphasizes the importance of animals in the life and development of children.

Time with pets

According to this same work, 90 percent of children are willing to devote part of their time to take care of their dog or cat, 80% say they would give up a toy for giving it to the animal and 75% would get up early to take him out for a walk.

Although sometimes it is true that reality sometimes is far from what the little ones propose, it is no less true that these statements are a very good starting point for that children learn to be responsible and to share what they have with others.

The children surveyed, moreover, believe that 91% of dogs and 78% of cats are happy in our society. As they say, the happiness of these pets It depends on being healthy, in the company of other animals and playing with their owners. Likewise, 94% of children say that pets do have feelings.

Friendship with pets

What the children surveyed have said in this survey is very interesting, and offers educators (both parents and teachers and teachers) "uA great opportunity to work on values ​​such as friendship and coexistence", according to the director of the Affinity Foundation, Isabel Buil.

This study is part of a campaign called 'Together we grow better' that coincides with several international investigations that come to remember the natural attraction that children have for animals. For example, remember a previous one that we talked about in this magazine, and that assured that children trusted their pets before their brothers.

Of course, we must also bear in mind that although all animals are good for children and its relationship with nature, education in this area is essential: we must educate the little ones so that they value all living beings, whether or not they are at home. Also, with pets, it is good to take into account the age of the children before buying some pets, to avoid problems in the future.

Angela R. Bonachera

Video: Emma Pretend Play Feeding & Giving Bath To Pet Animals Toys for Kids

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