They ask for a minimum age to put children in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is involved in a recent controversy, and this has to do with babies. More specifically, with their ears: they are collecting signatures so that the British government bans families from putting earrings in babies' ears and set a minimum age after which parents can do so, not before.

In a society like the Spanish one, in which we are very accustomed to families putting earrings to his girls A few months after being born, it is very likely that a movement like this will surprise and surprise us, but the truth is that a great debate has been generated around the issue in this country.

The petition, which in less than a week has more than 33,000 signatures, looking for it to be illegal to pierce the ears of babies because it is "a form of cruelty", according to the promoter of the idea, Susan Ingram, who criticizes that children suffer "pain and fear unnecessarily".

Debate around babies' earrings

"It has no other purpose than to satisfy the vanity of the parents", criticizes the promoter of the petition, which compares putting earrings in the ears of babies with "other ways of hurting children that are illegal", assuring that" it should not be different "in this case.

The request, made through a digital platform, has many comments both in support of the idea and criticism, which has raised a whole debate in this country. On the one hand, a woman says that to put the babies pending "it is a form of child abuse, pure and simple".

At this point, this same woman, named Sandra, criticizes that there are parents who do not want doctors to inject babies, as vaccines, when they have earrings in their ears.

The freedom of choice with the theme of the earrings

But not everyone agrees with this request. On the same page some other people have commented criticizing the initiative: "like someone with ears pierced since baby (since he had a month of life), I find this campaign absolutely useless. I'm glad that my parents put the earring on me and I do not regret it ", can be read in another of the comments.

Dana, who is the one who wrote the comment, criticizes that if parents do not like the idea of ​​pending, the solution is simple: apply it to their own children and not put them pending. It also highlights an important issue: babies' earrings are not just a matter of beauty, but a cultural tradition in many places.

Another mother defending this practice has joined the comments of the previous one, remembering that the earrings in the ear are Fully accepted in virtually the entire world, and that the vast majority of parents "do not put earrings in the ears of their children with bad intentions, they just want their children, usually daughters, to be beautiful." The pain is fleeting and usually no complications"he concludes.

British girls become outstanding at seven

All of this movement against baby earrings It is happening in a country where the average age at which girls put their ears on is at seven years old, according to a survey in the United Kingdom that indicated that the average age had dropped: before the British were boring this part of their body when they were much older.

In countries like Spain and Latin America, this is very strange: lThe tradition is to put the earrings on girls shortly after birth. In this it is necessary to take some precautions. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that if the lobe piercing is done correctly and then followed carefully, there is little risk to be done when it is done. However, he recommends waiting until the girl has her first dose of essential vaccines.

Angela R. Bonachera

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