Video: this is how children react to objects of our youth

They say that having children is also a way to get older, but you do not realize this until you discover that Your children do not know what are objects that were used daily not so many years ago... or that seems to you. What happens if you give a diskette to a nine-year-old child? Well, probably, that his face of amazement make you grow more than one hair suddenly, or at least metaphorically.

That's what they've done in this video, prepared by Radio Televisión Española (Rtve) to promote the launch of their next website, to demonstrate that "sooner or later, the years are noticed "... And boy do they show! They teach small children (and not so small) several objects of our youth ... and the poor they have no idea what it is! Look at their reactions and how they think and imagine what can be what they have before their eyes.

Reactions of children to "old" things

The first one is a typewriter, that, accustomed as they are to new technologies, some are apt to describe it as "computer-like". Even a little one recognizes it, but he is super surprised when he discovers that he moves "alone". "You can not go online here," says one of them. What they do recognize is a phone (not a smartphone, of course) when they put it in front of them, but, yes, they do not finish understanding how the numbers are marked "in this golden thing".

Although for faces that put, do not miss their reactions when they see a 'walkman' and a 'discman': they do not have the remotest idea of ​​what such an object can be that they have before their eyes and that they interpret as similar to a camera. The filmmakers give them a tape ... and they do not know where it could go either! "It does not work, it's toy", they end up commenting exhausted.

Another object used is a old iron, from those of childhood not so many years ago, but enough so that, if they have seen it, it has been "in the house of the people", as a girl recognizes. "Something to listen to music?" ... It seems that they are somewhat misguided to discover what it is.

And what happens when they see a vinyl? Well, most of them do not recognize it either: "those in my house are small". Do not miss this video and see how they end up saying that the typewriter must have "a thousand years", and that the camera will have a "hundred". And calm, It's not that you get older, it's that things change very fast!

Children react to old things

There are objects of our daily life that have changed their design over the years to improve. That's why it's no wonder that the youngest at home are not even able to recognize how a typewriter, an iron, a walkman or a wheel phone works. RTVE Digital redesigns the RTVE website ( to make it more accessible, modern and adaptable to all types of devices. Discover our new face soon.

Posted by Lab RTVE on Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Angela R. Bonachera


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