Week 10. Pregnancy week by week

You are in the tenth week of pregnancy and that means you have two and a half months of pregnancy. It has been a time of constant changes that will now be relieved while others arise. There are only two weeks to know the sex of your baby if you are lucky with an 80% chance of success. It may be a good time to start thinking about possible names.

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Physical and psychological changes of pregnant women

Although people do not appreciate it at first glance, you've been ten weeks pregnant. The size of your uterus has increased. You have to be alert to changes that may occur in your body, some increase and others decrease.

1. Some women have bleeding or pains in the belly. Given these discomforts, it is recommended that you go as soon as possible to see your doctor.

2. You can have excess salivation, especially if you suffer from heartburn.

3. The rest of symptoms, each time they will be reduced little by little. You will feel less tired, you will sleep better, you will master your mood swings, the dizziness will be reduced.

4. The bladder every time you will feel more compressed.

The development of the baby during week 10

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You are in the tenth week of pregnancy and each time you have less to know the sex of your baby. His little body is taking shape. Some of the changes are these:

1. It already measures around four centimeters.

2. The little fingers of the hands and feet they get longer.

3. The liver, kidneys, pancreas and brain they are already working.

4. Can flex The arms and the legs.

5. His head is almost double the size of his body because the brain is developing.

6. Through its translucent skin you can see howand they are forming all the nerves of your body.

7. In the tenth week of pregnancy the external development of their genital organs.

The Health of the pregnant woman in week 10 of pregnancy

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After ten weeks of pregnancy it is normal that you feel nervous about the health of your child. You must be calm, because nervousness and stress can negatively affect the development of your pregnancy. Lead a healthy life and there will be no problems.

1. Share your fears and doubts with your partner, a pregnancy is between the two.

2. Take all the nutrients what do you need to be healthy?

3. Move, it is very important to perform some type of physical activity. Improve your circulation, release stress ... swimming is a good option.

4. Keep taking calcium, vitamin C and folic acid.

5. Do not drink a lot of caffeine and continue with the complete elimination of alcohol and avoid as much as you can the tobacco.

6. If you suffer from asthma, consult your doctor about the drug you can take.

7. As a recommendation, If you eat fish, it is preferable that they are small species, because large ones feed on smaller ones and tend to be more contaminated.

Control of pregnancy in week 10 of pregnancy

You are still in week ten of pregnancy. There are still two weeks to get out of the risk period and it is normal that you feel nervous. Stress is terrible for the embryo and for you. Dedicate yourself time and enjoy your pregnancy. Share everything with your partner and before any doubt do not wait to see your doctor. In addition, little by little the discomfort of the first weeks will disappear, which will be relieved and you will be accommodating yourself to your new life as a pregnant woman.

This week is important because first-quarter analytics are usually done. It will look:

1. A study of the mother's blood to see if it has anemia.

2. It will be checked if the mother has overcome certain diseases or is at risk of contracting them as they are: toxoplasmosis, hepatitis B and C, syphilis and rubella.

3.The HIV antibodies.

4. Chromosomal screening will be performed (around week 9 and 11) to know if there is a risk of chromosomal abnormalities.

All these tests that are done in the tenth week of pregnancy, determine if it is necessary to take measures to reduce the risk of contracting them, as they can affect the embryo. In addition, they help you to know a little more about your child's health.

Pregnancy calendar week to week

Click on each petal or circle to see the content of your week or trimester of pregnancy respectively.

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