10 questions and answers about baby jars

When, after six months, you must start with the complementary feeding of the baby, many doubts arise, especially with regard to the baby food. Although something home will always be better, the truth is that it has been proven that industrial baby food is totally recommendable and healthy.

If you are one of those who have several doubts about baby food and complementary feeding of babies, in this article we will try to answer most of them, both about food, quantities and simple curiosities about it.

Baby pots: resolved doubts

1. Can my baby drink baby food every day?

Yes, your baby can take baby food every day because their amount of sugar and salt is low and they do not have preservatives. However, we must bear in mind that in the first year of life of the baby it must take mainly breast milk or formula, where appropriate, and that the pediatrician can advise you according to the characteristics of your child.

2. What do I do if the pot is not finished?

Nothing happens, it is normal that one day children are hungrier than others. To keep it, store it in the refrigerator and make sure to consume it within two days.

3. Can the pot be heated in the microwave?

No problem, but do not forget, once heated, remove it and try it before giving it to the baby to check that it is at the optimum temperature.

4. Do you have to add salt to baby food?

Do not! One of the key recommendations of complementary feeding is not to add salt, and this is especially with the little pots: they already have enough for your baby.

5. How do I know if the amount of food is just right for my baby?

The recipes of baby food should be reviewed by nutritionists, as well as the quantities.

6. What are organic baby food?

Nowadays, most of the companies dedicated to making baby food and baby food have a line of green baby food. These are those whose ingredients have been cultivated without chemical insecticides or artificial fertilizers (in the case of fruits and vegetables) and whose meat and fish come from farms where they are fed with cereals and organic vegetables.

7. How can it be that the jars last so long?

The jars do not carry preservatives and do not need cold to be preserved, so it is logical to ask how they can last so long. The reason is simple: they are vacuum packed and a sterilization process that eliminates germs is applied in their preparation.

8. Can my baby take any fruit jars?

No. Pediatricians advise to introduce the fruits one at a time and with an interval of approximately one week between each one, to see if they produce any allergic reaction. Likewise, it is better to start with fruits that do not give allergies (like apples) and leave for later those that generate more intolerances (like peaches). Your pediatrician will advise you the best according to the characteristics of your child.

9. So, why do some jars carry peaches?

When the jars are prepared, the part of the peach that produces the most allergy is eliminated, the skin, and in the cooking process the fruit is cooked and pasteurized, which greatly reduces the product's ability to generate allergy. Even so, in cases of children with other known allergies or with relatives with this kind of intolerances, it is better to avoid these baby food and not risk it.

10. Do the dessert jars carry cow's milk?

You will learn this from reading the label. In general, babies should not drink cow's milk until they are a year old, but many of the baby milk jars prepared for younger children are made with continuation milk.

Angela Bonachera

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