Prevent children from watching television before going to school

Your children get up in the morning and the first thing they do is put the TV or go to their mobile phones to read your overdue messages? If so, they are doing it wrong. One expert recommends prohibiting children from using screens in the morning before going to school, because it ensures that they worsen their concentration.

British clinical psychologist Linda Blair argues that parents should avoid having their children use smartphones or watch television since they get up, because these instruments worsen their concentration.

As he defended in a talk collected by the British BBC, even teachers should send fewer duties that need the use of computers, and the reason is the same: the screens deconcentran children, so send them duties that require computers they end up getting tired more.

The effects of screens on children

This expert in psychology ensures that computers and other screens emit a kind of blue light that reduces the levels of melatonin in people, a substance that produces the body and helps you rest while you sleep. It also ensures that the light of the screens increases the levels of cortisol, a hormone that makes concentration more difficult.

For this reason, the first measure proposed by Blair is that parents should set an example and also reduce the time they spend on computers, smartphones and television.

Prohibition of the use of devices

The psychologist, who confessed to be upset because many schools are betting on homework through technological devices, said she wished they did not do so. In this regard, he acknowledged that perhaps the measure to limit the use of smartphones "will not be very popular", but defended that this would benefit the children.

"I encourage people to try for a couple of days," insisted Blair, who emphasized that families should establish some time of day to be with family and forget about this kind of devices.

The dinners, according to this expert, are the perfect moment: the occasion to talk with each other about how the day has gone, how everyone is doing and, of course, have the mobile away from the table and without sound. It's family time!

Presumably, if there are teenagers at home, they will complain if they can not use their mobile phone while they eat or eat, but, as this psychologist assures, "they will thank you later".

The last recommendation of Blair during his talk is clear: parents should put limits on children, especially in the use of mobile devices: "children have to learn to use these devices and control them," he said, encouraging parents to be severe in these aspects to achieve a greater goal that, according to defends, the children will appreciate in the long term.

Angela Bonachera

Video: Effects of Television On Young Children (Interview With Top Voted Pediatrician)

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