Jeans or jeans, the garment that never goes out of style

The cowboy pants he is still the king of our wardrobe background. Impossible to banish. Surely there is no other piece of clothing so wearable in all seasons of the year and that combines best in all styles. Will they invent some garment in the future that is so wearable, so comfortable and so cool like the cowboy? Jeans or jeans never go out of style.

The cowboy, also called jean or tejano, it is a pair of pants that marks the figure. Investing in good branded jeans guarantees that the zipper will always work, the denim although worn out they will always look quality, they tend to sit much better and have a better presence.

The best and the worst of each jeans

The cigarettes are fashionable. Obviously they mark everything, so if you have a body 10, this is your cowboy. They favor the very thin and those with long legs, because they usually end in the ankles. The butt is also marked more, but you do not have to give up the cigarette because you can wear it with a wide sweater or a blouse.

The bell They are perfect for wide hips. If you continue to make a deal, buy them slightly flared type "boot cut " and never stuck to the thighs.

The elephant legs, the evolution of the bell, but much wider, disguise quite hip because they begin to expand to their height and do not mark the leg, but are not suitable for short.

The straight ones. Actually they are the best alternative to the rest of the cowboys, their cut is the most classic, tight but not tight.

The capri, below the knee. You do not have to be tall, they also look good if you're short. Find the proportion with the rest of the garments and make sure you look beautiful calves.

The widths of masculine cut. Who did not take the Levi * s 501 in his day? Now you would look very masculine, but the truth is that they felt pretty good because they were a tad easy and they did not mark excessively. Surely, when we pass the skinny fever we will receive them as May water.

Tricks to choose the cowboy that best suits you

I have a gut: Until recently it was impossible to find pants whose waistband did not rise higher than the hip, now. For the triponas, the waist can not go, or the waist that would make a gut of grandpa, or hip, because you would leave all the chicha above. The ideal is to reach the height of the navel and push the gut inward.

I have a flat butt: try to look for them with small pockets (and if they are wallet, better) that fall higher than normal, never wide pockets. Avoid loose jeans or thick fabric. Wear them with heels because they enhance the butt more.

Thing legs: faded on the thighs.

Wide legs: Choose dark and slightly flared jeans to draw attention down and compensate for the figure.

Legs shorter than the waist: lengthen your legs taking the bass to the end, always wear a heel.

I'm short: to make your legs look longer, the bottom of the pants should cover your foot and it never hurts to wear a little heel. Try to avoid low waists because they would lengthen your waist and shorten your legs. Forget about wide jeans or bellies. Fishing pants can make you a disproportionate figure.

A big butt: apparently the ideals to disguise are those of low waist because they optically shorten the dimensions of a generous butt. But beware, it is not the same as having large hips, because with a low waist the hips increase. Actually, the most important thing, take the waist you wear, is that the top garment does not never mark the waist and fall to the hip or below so you do not see the disproportion.

Marina Echánove. Stylist and writer
Author of the book Your style. The keys to elegance, femininity and distinction, by Editorial Palabra

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