Week 38. Pregnancy week by week

Changes in the pregnant woman: week 38 of pregnancy

Your gut keeps increasing, although it varies in size depending on the woman, and your fatigue continues to increase.

From the 37th week of pregnancy, and throughout this last month, the mucus plug detachment It blocks the entrance to the uterus and protects the fetus against the possible germs of the vagina. If you have not noticed yet, do not worry, there are women who do not expel it until the moment of delivery.

Other symptoms of the previous weeks are repeated:

1. Improve your breathing and your digestion thanks to the descent of the uterus. On the contrary, the urge to urinate is still frequent and some stabbing pains and cramps in the groin and legs are reproduced.

2. The chest continues to secrete colostrum.

3. The ankles and feet swell.

4. Remains difficult to fall asleep all night in a row.

Development of the baby at week 38 of pregnancy

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Your baby already can even exceed 3 kilos in weight and reach half a meter in height (These measures are very variable, it depends on each woman and fetus). After the definitive formation of the lungs and the brain, the baby is ready to live outside the mother's womb, although it will continue to mature in the coming weeks and, of course, once it is born. Further:

1. His head is already covered with hair, more or less according to the specific baby.

2. Gain strength in the extremities, although these remain flexed, and especially in the hands.

3. Your intestines are filled with meconium, that will expel as first excrement once it is born. Remember that meconium is a very dark black or green paste formed from the lanugo and amniotic fluid that the baby has been drinking for the past few weeks.

4. Your hormone levels increase, which will help maintain blood pressure and glucose levels after birth.

As a curiosity, although the color of hair and the eyes are not defined yet, specialists explain that, for reasons of pigmentation, those babies born with brown eyes remain with brown eyes, while if the baby is born with the eyes of gray or dark blue, it may be gray or blue or turn green, honey-colored or even brown.

The health of the pregnant woman at week 38 of pregnancy

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The most important thing in this 38th week of pregnancy is that take care of the hygiene of the private parts, especially in the face of childbirth. In this sense it is essential that you are attentive to the expulsion of the buccal plug, since from that moment your uterus is more vulnerable to possible infections. Therefore, it is recommended that, in these cases, avoid sexual intercourse and prolonged bathing.

In these last weeks of pregnancy it is also possible that you feel more hungry than normal, try to satiate your appetite with a Piece of fruit or other snacks light and healthy. In addition to food, do not neglect rest, essential to gather strength for the next birth. Take the opportunity to nap, fix the room and do other things that you can not do when your baby is born.

Control of pregnancy at week 38 of pregnancy

The doctor will be monitoring your pregnancy frequently, the pre-delivery symptoms such as dilation of the neck (checking the color of the amniotic fluid is transparent) and the optimal development of the baby. To do this, in addition to various gynecological and ultrasound examinations, it will carry out a monitoring of the baby (cardiotocographic record to record the baby's heartbeat and contractions of the uterus) and, if necessary, an amnioscopy to visualize the amniotic sac.

We remind again that in this 38th week of pregnancy it is very important that you are attentive to the Signs indicating the early onset of labor:

- Regular contractions every 5 or 10 minutes that increase in intensity as time passes.

- Loss of amniotic fluid, that is, what is commonly known as "breaking waters".

- Bleeding similar to a menstruation.

- Decrease in fetal movement.

Pregnancy calendar week to week

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