8 keys to go to work in England

If you are considering go to work in England During a season to perfect English and do not know where to start, do not miss what our partner Macarena Funes tells us from London. Here are some of the basic tools that will be very useful and will open the doors to the Anglo-Saxon world.

The improvement of English and the experience of living outside the country of origin are becoming, increasingly, one of the pending subjects that many young people have. And is that the most effective tool to overcome the language barrier is to make the leap and immerse fully in the Anglo-Saxon culture.

Where to look for employment in England

"English is the universal language and the language of business," says Trevor Bottomley, head of the Employment Team of the company Connexions in London, a company that belongs to the Government, and which helps and advises young people under 20. years in terms of employment, free time, education for young people.

There are different ways to learn English, but one of the most economical is, without a doubt, looking for a job. With a job in hand and a little English, a young man can afford his stay abroad.

"London is one of the destinations most requested by foreigners to migrate to work, but it is also one of the places where it is harder to find a job if you are under 20 and have a low level of English. find work in any other city in England, "says Bottomley. For example, Liverpool, Cardiff and Edinburgh are some of the most frequented places.

Communication skills, a requirement to find employment in England

"The two basic premises that employers seek when hiring are: good communication skills, perform well in the language and know how to work optimally with customers," says Trevor. Anyone with these three skills will be able to find work in England quickly and with very little difficulty.

"What I advise young people who want to work in England is to research the numerous work websites and send their resumes from the country of origin to save time," adds the London expert.

The first step to finding a position in the United Kingdom is to request what is called National Insurance Number. It is a personal number that will allow you to access any job similar to the Social Security of Spain. However, there are businessmen who do not demand it at the time of hiring but others do, so the most advisable thing is to request it before starting any search.

To carry out this management, you have to contact any employment office known as 'Jobcentre Plus' that provide the data to request it from Spain. To obtain all this information, consult this website.

Types of accommodation in England

One of the publications offering residency at a very good price is Loot, which can be purchased at any newsstand or through its website.

Where and how to work in England

Any time is good to find employment in the country of Shakespeare. From the age of 16, you can access the first job.

If you have a good level of English, in the hospitality industry, office work and sale to the public (stores). For those who have a lower level, jobs that are not facing the public, in the inn but functions such as making beds, washing dishes, etc.

You can work full time, (full time), or other options:

1. As a volunteer: work without renumbering, is one of the ways to acquire work experience.

2. A part-time job: It gives the opportunity to invest time in learning other things. For example, the so-called 'Colleges' offer a wide variety of courses at a good price (and in some centers they offer free English courses).

3. Work during the holidays: You gain experience while you are a student.

4. As self-employed: working for oneself provides more flexibility, but more responsibility must be assumed and taxes paid.

8 keys to finding the right job

1. Write your CV in the best possible way avoiding, above all, any linguistic or grammatical error. Study the way to write it in the most attractive way and that can attract the attention of a potential entrepreneur. Help yourself to other CV examples and cover letters that you can find on this website.

2. If you are selected for an interview try, inform yourself previously about everything related to that company. To do this, you can navigate on its internet portal and learn more about its structure, objectives, location, etc. It will be very useful to perform better in the interview.

3. Try to always be well dressed. The image is also an important letter of introduction.

Four. Try to prepare the answers beforehand to the questions that they can ask you. It is very advisable that you, too, formulate some of them.

5. If you are under 20 years old the best thing is that you go to an office of 'Connexions' in England. They will help you and advise you on everything you need during your stay there.

6. From the age of 20, you must go to a UK employment office known as 'Jobcentre Plus'. On its website, you will find all the search tools, as well as their different locations and contact numbers.

7. When you apply for your first job, The work experience that you have in the CV is practically nonexistent. Therefore, one of the options is to apply for work in volunteer organizations to gain work experience. To do this, you can go to the database of the United Kingdom, which will guide you to cooperate with an entity.

8. Think long term. What would you like to do? In this way, it is best to plan and apply for jobs that can go into your future profession.

Tips before going to work in England

- Illusion. One of the primary keys to undertake this type of adventure is to have great doses of enthusiasm. This new experience will come loaded with important experiences but also difficulties and in some moments of loneliness, leaving family, country, etc.

- Information.Try to ask friends, family, colleagues, neighbors etc., who have worked in England about their experience. They will help and guide you in many fields.

- Tolerance. Working in England also means learning to be tolerant and respect others. It will be a time when you meet an important number of people of different nationalities, religion and formation. The exchange of cultures is always enriching if you know how to keep your principles solid.

- Company.If you do not dare to take the first step only, convince a friend or acquaintance and go together. Although it is difficult to get the same place of work, if you can select the same place of accommodation and support, in principle, mutually.

- Preparation. Try to improve your English level from Spain (courses, books, movies in the original version), and also try to acquire some work experience, even if it is minimal. Make a work plan from your country of origin: collect information by visiting different web-sites, sending your CV etc. And remember that enthusiasm and the desire to learn are your best boarding pass.

Macarena Funes

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