The Tennant test detects the consumption of marijuana or hashish

The Tennant test, prepared by the California researcher and specialist Dr. Forrest Tennant, is a simple test to check if a teenager is smoking hashish or marijuana. It is not necessary to go to any laboratory, or to any medical or psychological consultation. Everything can be done at home.

What is the Tennant test?

This is what Dr. Tennant explains: "When I have a teenager in my office and I think he is smoking drugs, I tell them:" I want you to tell me what time you woke up yesterday morning, "I ask them to tell me the time. : -What did you do when you got up? What clothes did you wear? What did you eat? What time did you go to class? What topics did you see in class? What did you see on TV?

I make them go hour by hour throughout the previous day. If they have lost their acetylcholine they will not know it, they will not be able to remember. They will simply dizzy the partridge saying: -Well, you know ... I got up; I went to school ... I saw the TV ... I was there ... - vague phrases like those of Alzheimer's patients. They will avoid the question.

If we think about it, any of us can remember what time we woke up yesterday; and probably the clothes we put on and what we had for breakfast, and where we went after work ... if the teens can not do it, it's that you do not need any blood tests to confirm loss of acetylcholine, and this is typical of someone who He has problems with the drug. When a teenager loses his memory in that way, we have a problem.

This test costs nothing and is particularly revealing for adolescents because their reserves of neurotransmitters are more fragile than those of adults; the same as the receivers. They are much more prone than adults to dependence and harm. "

Current situation of drug use

According to the data of the "Foundation for Help Against Drug Addiction" (FAD), this is the situation of drug use in Spain:

1. Consumptions have increased. It is also confirmed that drug consumption is a transversal phenomenon, which occurs in all social classes and socio-demographic groups.

2. Drugs are becoming an essential element in the leisure of young people and adolescents. For this reason, it is necessary to work on the leisure model that is transmitted to the youngest, acting through global strategies and renewing support for family interventions.

3. The social perception of drug problems is tinged with a certain insensitivity. Society no longer perceives drug use as a first level concern, because its adverse effects are less visible than in previous decades.

4. The current social value system promotes drug use. According to experts, some of the predominant values ​​in Spanish society, such as individualism, competitiveness or the desire to experiment, among others, promote consumption.

5. Drug problems have no consequences only in the social-health field. We should begin to analyze the psychosocial consequences potentially related to drug use, such as school failure, violence, relationship difficulties with family and friends, etc.

6. Legal measures can not solve the problems associated with drug consumption alone. The solution must prioritize education for prevention.

7. Education is the most effective way to prevent drug use. The school, combined with other actions of public authorities and society, can contribute to the reduction of damages.

8. It is necessary to question and reformulate prevention strategies currently used to ensure its effectiveness. The experts are committed to giving more prominence to young people when proposing prevention initiatives or leisure alternatives.

9. Need for social mobilization. Only with a joint action and open dialogue can we organize a common front to achieve a better society.

10. Drugs exist and will always exist, so we must focus our efforts on trying to minimize the problems derived from its consumption.

Advice for parents about drugs

- The problem of drugs does not stop before social classes, neighborhoods, levels ... You can play in your own family.

- There are many signs and clues to which we must pay attention, without silencing them for a false tranquility.

- The age of onset in drugs is increasingly lower, so you have to be prepared every time much earlier.

- Even if you trust your son a lot, it's a good thing that, with mischief, you try the Tennant test with him. Without looking like an interrogation, we can easily know how your short-term memory is.

Ricardo Regidor
Advisor: Documents of the FAD and Trevor Grice, director of The Life Education Trust.

More information in the book Brain thieves. Auotres:Tom Scott and Trevor Grice.Editorial Word.

Video: Can You Fail A Drug Test From Secondhand Marijuana Smoke?

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