5 perfect bottle warmers for your trips

We have already talked about the bottle warmers, that instrument that for someone without children may seem unimportant ... but who has it! Especially when we go on a trip, true? We do not always find a place where they let us warm the baby's food, and the best thing is a device like that so we do not worry.

If you are looking for bottle warmers for home, in this link you will find them, but if you want to be used for the car ... do not miss the next selection of products! We have gone to Amazon, and we have chosen those with better comments from the people who have used it, what better way to guide us than those who have already tried it? Attentive to these baby products.

Bottle warmers for car and cheap

Hartig + Helling bottle warmer

For a baby, this simple bottle warmer with integrated electronic thermostat is sold for 15 euros. Warm bottles of all kinds and keep them at the optimum temperature, ideal to leave home without worrying!

Bottle warmer from Miniland

Bottle warmer ideal for traveling families: very easy to use, because it automatically heats the bottle after connecting it to the cigarette lighter. It is insulating and waterproof, which maintains the temperature and facilitates cleaning. For only 15 euros!

Bottle warmers from Babymoov

No need for water, this bottle warmer is worth about 30 euros and has a lifetime guarantee. In about 15 or 20 minutes you will have your baby's 'bibe' ready. It warns you that it is ready when the red light goes off and you do not need water. In addition, it also serves to heat baby food.

Feeding bottle from Chicco

Chicco sells models that serve both for home and for the car, like this one, which costs less than 30 euros and heats the food in a few minutes, keeping it for an hour afterwards.

Bottle heater from TopCom

This bottle warmer also serves for home and for the car, and also serves as a fruit squeezer, with glass included. In case you think little, it also allows sterilizing the bottle and keeps it warm thanks to its thermostat. And for less than 20 euros!

Angela R. Bonachera

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