Almost 80% of young people in high school do not know what career to study

How to choose a career? Do we follow our vocation or do we look at professional opportunities? Probably these and many other doubts are posed by young people today and, in fact, the vast majority of young people in high school have not been able to answer them: 80% do not know what grade they will study after doing the Selectividad.

According to a survey carried out by the consultancy Círculo de Formación, el 43% of these students who do not know what degree to study are hesitating between three degrees, percentage that is 32% in those that consider two possibilities and 4% in the case of those who have no idea.

Careers after selectivity

To finish high school and take the leap to university after passing through the Selectividad is a very big leap that causes fear to many and, therefore, doubts about what to do. In this sense, those with a clearer option are those of Cádiz, San Sebastián and Tarragona: 26% of young people in these provinces You know for sure what you are going to study at the university, percentage that is 21% on average in the rest of Spain.

But students not only consider what career to study, but also where: In witch university. According to the study, at the time of choosing the university 26% would take into account its prestige, while 24% would value the proximity to home or the cost of the career in that institution (varies if they are public and private universities, and according to the autonomous community in which it is located). Also, 22% of respondents say they would also look at whether the center has attractive work practices.

Areas most in demand

As regards the areas of knowledge of greatest interest to students, the favorite branch seems to be Social and Legal Sciences, because 33% choose it. In second place are the careers of Health Sciences (31%), followed by technical studies in Engineering or Architecture (21%) and Arts and Humanities (14%).

Of course, these data also vary by provinces: those most interested in Social Sciences are the Cordoban and Malaga (40% choose this option), followed by locals from Madrid and Zaragoza (36%), from Laredo and Alicante (35%) and from Majorca, Santander, Bilbao, Salamanca and Valencia (34%).

As regards the careers of Health Sciences, those who prefer the most are Canaries (39%), followed by students from Tenerife (37%), Murcia (35%) and Oviedo, Burgos, Salamanca and Valladolid (34%).

Those most interested in completing a degree in Engineering or Architecture are, on the other hand, young people from the Baccalaureate of Cádiz (26%), while it is in Córdoba and Logroño where there are more young people who would choose a career in ares or humanities (22% in each province).

Where to study?

Asked about where they would like to develop their higher education, most of the respondents (51%) would prefer to stay in their own province or community, while 34% would do it in any part of Spain and 13% would venture abroad while taking their degree.

On the future these young people have also been asked, and the result shows that 34% would give the same where to work, because they would go to live wherever they had work. Also, 23% say they will look for work directly abroad, 22% choose to stay in their autonomous community and 20% speak of any part of Spain.

Angela R. Bonachera

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