A child can die in just one hour forgotten in a car in the sun

Summer arrives, and with it the very dangerous high temperatures.In addition to taking care of your children from heat stroke and dress them accordingly at the time of year, we must take special care to leave children alone in the car:One hour "forgotten" can have fatal consequences such as death, as Spanish pediatricians remember.

"With the arrival of summer temperatures begin to rise andincrease the risk of death of children for a heatstroke suffered inside a car ", alert from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics in Primary Care, who regret that although these tragic news surprise us," unfortunately are not uncommon. "

It is for this reason that they appeal again, another summer, to theprevention by parents to face such dramatic situations as would be the death of a child because of the heat of a car: it is very important that parents exercise extreme caution when it comes to transporting our children in the car.

The danger of heat in the car in summer

As explained by pediatricians, in most cases they areChildren between one and five years oldtied in the safety seat of the back seat of the car those who are victims of forgetfulness of their relatives or caregivers. "The change of routines or habits such as the end of school or an unexpected circumstance can trigger the tragedy," the experts insist.

Even the most concerned parents can have moments of distraction Regarding the children, especially when they are very young, because of the stress they face ", they say, at the same time that they make an appeal to try to avoid thinking that these things will not happen to us, because, unfortunately, they happen:" happens to people of all socioeconomic and educational levels, "they explain.

Under normal conditions, the body temperature of all people is between 36 and 37 degrees, regardless of whether it is cold or hot. However, the mechanisms responsible for regulating body temperature are not as effective in children under five years of age. This is for three reasons:

Young children have proportionally more body surface (they accumulate more heat); Your body contains more water and you have less autonomy to drink, so you dehydrate more easily. This makesChildren under five years of age are exposed to an increased risk of heat stroke in a short period of time, and that this one is more serious, being able to even produce the death.

The high temperatures in the vehicles

As explained by pediatricians, the increase in temperature in cars is significant on clear and sunny days, which puts children at risk. The cars heat up very quickly, with only 15 or 30 minutes in the sun and it will be hot inside them.

For example, pediatricians say thatin a day of 36 ° C, a car with closed doors and windows, increases to 67 ° C in 15 minutes, an increase that is lower in light colored cars and minivans. With the windows down 5 centimeters, an interior temperature of 50ºC is reached, which is still very high. "A child inside a car parked in the sun in summer and without ventilation can reach 42 or 43 degrees of body temperature and die within 30 to 60 minutes, "they warn.

The symptoms of heat stroke and what to do

TheInitial symptoms of heat stroke are: rapid breathing, increased heart rate, fever, very hot skin (with or without sweating), intense thirst, headache, irritability, vomiting, decay and decreased level of consciousness even with seizures.

What do we do if we observe these symptoms in our child or in a child in a car? In these cases you must act immediately and call the emergency services and do the following:

- Try open the car maintaining the safety of the minor (for example breaking the glass of a remote window).

- Before moving it to a hospital center it is necessary to cool the body, moving the child to the shade or to a cooler area, submerging it in warm water, applying wet cloths or wipes on the head and the rest of the body; these wet cloths should be changed every few hours, for other fresh ones, because they quickly get hot. If possible, use a fan that increases the cooling effect.

-    Raising the child's head and, if conscious, offer fluids, preferably with salts, for example oral rehydration solution (small amounts should be offered frequently).

Do not forget all these tips and, above all, never forget or leave your children in the car in the sun while doing errands, however little you think you'll take. Better take them with you and avoid a tragedy.

Angela R. Bonachera

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