Video: the tender reaction of this girl to know that her new brother will be a boy

Having a new brother is a blessing: a new playmate, a confidant when age permits ... but well, the truth is that not always the 'lucky' are as happy as they should be. And, if not, let them tell this little girl who reacts like this when she knows that her new brother will be a boy:she wants a girl!

It is true that we would all like to announce our new pregnancy and that everything was happiness, but it is no less true that, if we already have a child, it is very common to suffer some kind of jealousy ... although this is not exactly what happens on this occasion: It's not that I do not want a little brother, it's that he wants a little sister, period.

The girl who wants a little sister

The reaction of this girl is so tender that one can not help laughing, and in fact has ended up becoming another of those many viral videos: according to the British newspaper The Telegraph, the girl already has two brothers and, of course, when she learned that her mother was pregnant, she dreamed of a girl with whom to share her dolls ... and hence her reaction, which is impossible to be more honest: "I do not want another boy".

The video, although it is in English, does not need much to be understood: "I do not want another boy", "But honey, you're going to have three boys and she'll be the princess", her father replies trying to calm her down ... without it having too much effect on the little one: "I do not want another boy", she cries and screams. The truth is that the little one gives as much tenderness as penita ... Who does not know a case like that?

and you thought your Tuesday was bad ... my fairy goddaughter just found out she will not ever get that sister she wanted. ??????

A video published by christina grasso (@thepouf) on May 26, 2015 at 2:51 PDT

Angela R. Bonachera

Video: MattyBRaps Reacts - When A Girl Likes A Boy (Haschak Sisters)

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