Five reasons for intensive language courses

Arrives summer and we do not know what to do with our children: it is true that after the course they deserve to rest, but not for that reason they can throw away the three months of vacations without doing anything ... what do we do? Maybe use to point them to a intensive language course be the solution We give you Five reasons for you to raise it very seriously.

The intensive courses they are increasingly fashionable to learn a language during the summer, because their results are more short-term and serve to improve in the foreign language, but also to give the last "push" and prepare for an official exam , so necessary lately.

Those who can best talk about the benefits of doing an intensive course are the teachers themselves, because they see how the students are progressing. Rosalía Casares, English teacher at the IML La Zubia Academy (Granada), says that studying a language in one of these courses "facilitates the assimilation of grammatical structures, vocabulary and, above all, provides fluidity ".

Of course, we must bear something in mind: rEquires more commitment and dedication because, obviously, it is not the same to give three hours a week of class than six: you have to work hard and, of course, choose a trustworthy academy that guarantees that our son will be in the best hands and not 'wasting time' in class. This same teacher gives us the 5 main keys of the language courses.

Five benefits of language courses

1.- You learn faster. It is the most obvious: if they are more class hours, you learn in less time. "For example, in a three-month intensive course a total of 96 class hours is concentrated, compared to 39 hours of class that we would have in a normal course," says this teacher.

2.- More personalized contents. As these courses usually have a specific purpose, this allows the contents to be more personalized and suitable for the students. For example, the courses organized for some exam will devote a lot of time to practice it.

3.- More motivated students. Those who sign up for these courses are clear why they do it: they want to achieve a very clear objective, which makes the students motivate and conscientious to make the most of the time, something that benefits the whole group.

4.- Improve the organization and study. According to Casares, the intensive courses help the students to set study guidelines and be autonomous, something that will be followed during the next academic year. "Classes tend to have a fast pace that requires extra work at home to not be left behind and strengthen everything we see," he says, while advising good planning as a synonym for productivity.

5.- New friends. After school classes help our children to meet new friends, and this is also the case in these courses, where sharing doubts, materials and resources also helps to get to know new classmates better.

There are many reasons to point our children to an intensive course but, yes, one thing must be clear: it will require work and, therefore, our son should want to sign up. The benefits will be greater than the "nuisance" for having to study in summer, You will see! In addition, at four in the afternoon in the middle of July, when you can not go out to the street or to the pool (due to digestion), what better way than to take advantage of your time learning?

Angela R. Bonachera


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