The first baby teeth

If lately your baby has a certain tendency to keep his mouth open, dribbles excessively, tries to suck everything he finds and has his finger constantly in his mouth, his teeth are probably coming out. The whining caused by gum pain is nothing more than the announcement of the next appearance of their first teeth. In any case, it is possible to alleviate your discomfort at this stage.

Between four and five months, children usually begin to manifest the first symptoms that indicate that their children are arriving. first teeth. These baby teeth are not like those of adults: while those of mom and dad are smooth, the baby's first teeth have a sawed shape that allows him to cut food until his small and effective teeth come out.

Tooth in sight! The first baby teeth

In most cases, the first teeth that will appear will be the two middle ones below, after which the two middle ones will arrive after a while, followed by the lower or upper sides. Until two years will not have the complete denture.

We will notice that our baby is getting his first teeth because his gums are slightly inflamed, even a little more red than normal, although they can also be hard and whitish. Your drool will increase because, receiving a more varied diet, your salivary glands will work more than before. But he will eat less: any friction, even that of a soft porridge, will bother him. And cry more than usual, perhaps because of gum pain or is also very likely because of the annoying bite scourges that usually occur at this stage. And it is that, a greater salivation usually causes that the acidity of the faeces increases (we will notice it by the smell of acid) and consequently that the skin of the ass gets irritated with its contact.

Fun meals for the baby's teeth

As for meals, we will have to have more patience than usual these days. The child will not have much desire to eat, so we will try not to overwhelm him too much. After all, the worst will happen in a few days and little by little, he will only recover his appetite.

In any case, we must avoid giving excessively acidic or very hot food in order that your mouth, at this time especially sensitive, does not hurt. Therefore, we can take advantage of these days, as a compensation, to offer you your favorite meals or, even, to take out all our artillery. If until now we tried to make your meals fun, now more than ever we will have to entertain you if we want the child to forget for a moment those annoyances that distress him so much.

How to calm the discomfort of the baby's first teeth

Regarding their constant pouting, we should not give them too much importance. These days the baby is especially upset, partly because he has the feeling that his gums have a life of their own and also because, when feeling sore, he is unable to fall asleep. When you sleep less, it is more than likely that you feel very tired and that your exhaustion demonstrates it with tears.

To avoid insomnia we should try to reassure him by means of pleasant caresses and special pampering. We can also help you fall asleep by offering your favorite pacifier a little cooler than normal. If we put it a few minutes in the fridge, it is sure that our little one will thank us. In a little while you will not feel any discomfort.

Effective solutions for the discomfort of baby teething

Among all the solutions that can be found in the market to relieve gum pain in our baby, include teethers and teething gels. These products are easy to find in any pharmacy, so its effectiveness is linked to its affordability. But, perhaps the best solution is precisely in our hands. The finger of mom or dad can be a salvation for the little one. Especially if we perform a gentle massage with the gums after having put it in cold water. If something can help in these cases is the cold, for its ability to numb very localized areas.

After six months, there is another simple solution at the time of eating, and it is to give yoghurts, since they are colder than porridges. But if we want to give him porridge, a good trick to eat is to put a little yogurt on the tip of the spoon in each spoonful of porridge

Tips for the exit of the baby's first teeth

- It is normal for the baby to have a 37'5º fever, even a few tenths more if more than one tooth is coming out. In addition, at this stage, babies are more prone to colds, otitis, laryngitis, etc., since they are lower in defenses.

- In the market we can find teethers and gels that will alleviate the discomfort of the baby in this first stage of teething. We can also go to homeopathy (with products such as Chamodent, which helps the gums) and medicines like Apiretal or Dalsy to sleep at night.

- If we introduce the bottle nipple in the refrigerator Before using it, our baby will be able to take foods that do not need to be hot, such as fruit juice, for example, while at the same time calming their pain thanks to the analgesic power of the cold.

- Our son may spend the day biting things in order to alleviate their discomfort. Precisely for this reason, we must pay special attention at this time. He could suck something he found on the ground or put himself in danger by swallowing any small object. You also have to take care of hygiene, because fungi can appear in the mouth.

- During this period will drool more and the corner of the mouth will be irritated by saliva. It is not that he does not know how to control himself, but because he feels uncomfortable he is unable to close his mouth.

- To prevent the baby from getting cavities tomorrow or that your teeth darken, we will try not to offer you pacifiers with sugar or honey to keep your teeth healthy. If you also tend to fall asleep with the bottle in your mouth, you should remove it, because some liquids could damage the enamel of your first dentition, causing cavities in the bottle.

- If we want to relieve the discomfort of the baby Now that your first teeth arrive, it is possible to try something totally new. We can massage your sore gums with large pieces of frozen fruit. Holding them always between our fingers, we will avoid that the child can swallow them and that chokes in these days when he needs, more than ever, to suck.

Teresa Pereda

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