Five cheap bottle warmers to have at home

The bottle warmers are some utensils that, although it might seem that they are not too useful having other appliances that heat the milk, as soon as you have a child they become essential. However, it is also true that they represent another expense of the many that the baby has and, therefore, we bring you a selection of the cheapest.

Cheap, yes, but good quality. To make this selection of the many models and brands of bottles that are on the market right now, we have helped the Amazon user ratings: if they have more than four stars, they deserve to be in this classification of bottle warmers for home ( if you are looking for a car, click here) because its value for money is almost indisputable.

Bottle warmers at a good price

Bottle warmer Rimax

In white and for 30 euros, this product not only heats the bottle: it also sterilizes bottles, teats and pacifiers and cooks eggs, rice and other foods. Also, with the PTC temperature control keeps it constant. It is very easy to use and also includes an adapter for the car.

Bottle warmer from Tomcom

This product is also multifunction: squeeze fruit, measure water, contain juice glass and, of course, heat the bottle easily and quickly and keep it warm thanks to the integrated thermostat. Its price is 20 euros and its heat system is bain-marie. In addition, it serves for all types of bottle model.

Warm bottles of Jané

Baby bottles are sold for 40 euros and can be used both for home and for the car. It heats fast and its way of using is very simple. In addition, the diameter is wide, so it serves for many brands and does not give problems. It is also noteworthy that it goes off alone, so if you are clueless, it can be an aid to not burn the bottle.

Feeding bottle from Chicco

Chicco also has several models of bottle warmer. This for example is easy to use, fast and safe, because it adds light and sound signals to announce that the heating program finishes, which, by the way, leaves the exact temperature. It is worth more than 25 euros and also serves baby food.

Reer heater

The last of the selection is worth about 20 euros and users can not be more satisfied. It serves both to heat bottles and other foods, and uses the bain-marie system, which means that it is not as fast as others: the jars take between 10 and 15 minutes to warm up. It is also easy to use, clean and transport. *

Angela R. Bonachera

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