Tips for going to a restaurant with a celiac child

If eating out with any child can be difficult in some places, it may seem that they multiply if our son has celiac disease, because being a celiac has a series of limitations in the diet, which should be alleged gluten. We give you some Tips to go out to eat with a celiac child.

At Day of the Celiacs, that this year has as its motto "Gluten is not my option, I'm celiac, it's my condition", it is good to remember that celiac disease does not present any obstacle to lead a normal life, and in a normal life it goes on eating out. Once you know that your little one suffers from this disease, it does not have to be a problem to go out to a restaurant, you just have to pay attention when choosing your diet, as the diet must be gluten-free, as you remember from the Federation of Associations of Celiacs of Spain.

In a restaurant with a celiac child

- Tell the waiter that your child is celiac and that the diet can not contain gluten

- Discuss with the waiter the food that the little one can eat without risk: It is very common to know that bread carries gluten, but not everyone knows much more about this disease. Tell him what you can eat and he will recommend dishes you can take

-  Ask about the ingredients and the elaboration process of the dishes to be sure that what your child is going to drink is good for him

- Remember that there are many foods that can be taken safely and that are practically all the menus of the restaurants: salads, fish and grilled meats, natural tortillas, natural desserts, fruits ... just be well aware of the way of preparation

- Potato chips: for example, French fries are another food that is almost always on the cards. If you can, Ask them to make them in a clean pan to avoid risks

- Also ask for a clean pan in the case of grilled dishes: many restaurants incorporate a little flour to the griddle to prevent food sticking, which can be dangerous for a celiac

- If your little one likes bread, remember carry small packages of products I can take

In the case of bars, the essential thing again is to ask to be sure and, if not, opt for tapas of cheese, serrano ham or tin cans, for example. Products that you know do not cause problems for the health of your child with gluten intolerance.

The current law obliges restaurants and bars to include product allergens in the menu, which is an enormous facility when there are food allergies. Also, many restaurants (including pizzerias) offer special menus for celiacs in their menus: you can also ask about it.

Angela R. Bonachera

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