Better grades in the institutes that prohibit mobile phones

The Smartphone, that innovative contraption and whose company seems to be necessary at any age, and especially among young people, who increasingly have more cases of being hooked on technology. Maybe that's why it's so important Separate students from phones while they are in class: this improves the students' grades.

This is confirmed by a study by researchers from the London School of Economics, one of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. In it, they assure that the grade of 16-year-old students improved by 6.4% in institutes in this country that prohibited the use of these devices in their facilities, which is equivalent to adding "five days to the school year", according to the authors.

Mobile phones in schools and institutes

As the authors of this interesting study say, the prohibitions of taking the mobile phone to class produces improvements in the grades of all students, but especially among those with low school performance: they have doubled their grades, which means that this kind of prohibitions has a greater positive impact on students with special educational needs They are probably more likely to be distracted by their mobile phones.

"We have found that not only does student achievement improve, but also that low-performing and low-income students improved even more," the researchers told the British newspaper The Guardian, which has echoed the work. "The impact of the ban on phones for these students is equivalent to one hour more per week at school, or to increase the school year in five days, "they said.

For them, science has just shown that allow the use of mobile phones in schools will hurt more students with a lower yield and those with less income, because they have improved their qualifications the most following these prohibitions.

The research was carried out in schools in several British cities: Birmingham, London, Leicester and Manchester before and after prohibiting the use of smartphones in their facilities and has a very interesting conclusion: it is true that technology in school as a way of Involving students has many benefits such as performance improvement, but also has potential risks: causes greater distractions between the students.

Angela R. Bonachera

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