Discover your educational style

How is the relationship with our children? Are they afraid of us, respect us, admire us or take us for the "whistle of serene"? Are they assuming the values ​​that we are transmitting to them? All these questions have answers according to the educational style we are carrying out in our family, since each one of them has consequences in the children.

What is your teaching style?

We all make some mistakes like those in the following tables. These should not worry us if they are unusual actions. The first four educational styles are inadequate because, according to research, they lead to negative behaviors in children. The last one is the correct one.

Actions of parents                                            Possible consequences on children
- Continuous orders. - Life tense.
- Norms never dictated. - Insecurity in the actions.
- They do not attend to reasons. - Continuous suspicion.
- Excessive coldness. - They evade.
- It is not agreed. - Attempt of deceptions.
- They forgive and ask for forgiveness a few times. - Rebellious
- You usually brag about it. - Some unworthy behavior.

Actions of parents                                                Possible consequences on children
- Structured rules. - Little autonomous.
- Excessive protection. - They mature later.
- Continuous interference. - They get carried away.
- Drown initiatives. - They're fainthearted.
- Everything is solved. - They become undecided.

Actions of parents                                                Possible consequences on children
- Absence of clear rules. - Disorientation at times.
- Fear of exercising authority. - Mental and moral disorder.
- Lack of values. - Excessive selfishness.
- Little control. - Untying of the rules.
- Everything is debatable. - At the mercy of his passions.
- Exacerbated concept of LES COSTS TO COMPROMISE

Actions of parents                                                     Possible consequences on children
- Absence of standards. - General disconcert
- "They're going to yours." - They do not feel loved.
- It is encouraged to follow the appetites. - They are not very happy.
- Wrong concept of freedom. - They seek happiness in pleasures.
- They do not know what it is - Violent behavior.
maternal and paternal affection MANY FINISHED WITH DEPRESSIONS

Actions of parents                                                       Possible consequences on children
- Clear rules. - Security.
- Flexibility - Trust.
- Dialogue. - Communication.
- With an educational project. - Clear conscience, tolerant, reflective.
- Well done actions are recognized. - Optimism, you know dear.
- Motivation to act well because he wants. - Responsibility
- Foster self-esteem - Happiness and joy.
- Do not punish without warning before, without threats. - Fair.
- Authority is service that is supported - Helpful, respectful, humble.
in the example and in the effort to improve. DESPITE YOUR MISTAKES, YOU WILL HAVE SECURITY, TRUST AND CONSTANCY

Tomás Malmierca.Technical director of FERT

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