6 keys to fall well and have friends

The chapter of "friends", in particular, is one of those that can give teenagers more headaches. For our children, falling well to others, belonging to a group that gives them security and being recognized is something, practically, of vital importance for them ... Therefore, it is important that they know the secrets to be successful in social relationships .

And is that adolescence is a stage of life quite curious and special. Adults, after having forgotten the most painful memories, often describe these years as "the best of my life". But for a teenager who knows firsthand the worries, the competitiveness, the pressures, the rivalries and a long etc. of difficult situations, perhaps it is not a season too golden. Being accepted in the group is, at this stage, fundamental and for that, you have to know some tips to get it.

6 keys to fall well to others

1. People who look into each other's eyes better when talking, or to the upper area of ​​the face, without shying away, because they show people without fears, without fear of being known and showing themselves as they are. The body posture also says a lot about our interior.

2. You can ask a good friend what things about us are what they can throw back and make us fall worse: maybe it's a very high tone of voice, our recourse to tacos, our way of dressing a tacky tad or a somewhat strong breath.

3. If we get angry for nothing or for trifles We are showing a lack of control, not a strong personality. In general, in any relationship and more if it is a friendship one has to know how to yield, to ignore. The anger for when there are things of real importance.

4. It is increasingly necessary to learn to start a conversation and to maintain it, Knowing how to ask questions, give thanks, talk with education. They are basic social skills.

5 It is also important to know that it is impossible to fall absolutely well to everyone, so we can not pretend to be who everyone loves. It's okay if you ever get worse.

6. Good advice, fill yourself with optimism. There is nothing that carries more than a person who is always complaining about everything because it is a real plomazo.

When meeting new people, observe first, trying to understand who is who, who is in charge, who is the funny officer, the leader or the heap. That way we will know who we have to get away from and who we would like to be our friend.

Ricardo Regidor

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