15 tricks to be good to others

The most gifted people for human relationships are those who observe the feelings of others, know how to recognize them, know how to foresee them and know how to stimulate them positively. They are the ones that have empathy. But is there any right way to please others? The truth is that there are a number of tricks to make a friendship relationship work. We propose you 15.

15 tricks to fall well and make a friendship relationship work

1. CONVERSATIONS. Learning to initiate or maintain a circumstantial conversation with ease, not to be one of those who, with both words, have to say goodbye on any pretext, because they have hardly any conversation and do not know what else to say.

2. PERSONAL IMAGE. Dedicate attention and time to grooming and personal care. Good body image reinforces security and opens the doors to the acceptance of others.

3. SMILE frequently, with expressions and gestures that show that we tune in with people, which does not necessarily mean agreeing. It is sharing a happy and positive vital tone.

4. ASK SOFTLY. They can be general questions ("how do you think the teacher likes to deliver written work?") Or personal ("what sport have you signed up for?"). Since most teenagers think they are very interesting, they appreciate others asking them about themselves.

5. MAKE FULFILLMENTS. If someone says something bright, wears a nice dress or makes a good paper, you have to tell them. Everyone likes to have around those who recognize their qualities.

6. NOT BE LOADING. Do not overwhelm others with what we suffer or worry about. Sharing problems does not mean endorsing them to others. Realize that the interlocutor has been giving discrete signals for a long time to change the subject, or to end the conversation.

7. DO NOT INVADE THE PERSONAL SPACE of others (do not approach physically too much when talking, do not enter subjects or places that require walking with much more prudence and respect, avoid annoying or inopportune questions, etc.).

8. RESPECT those who think and act differently; this way a better image is obtained and it helps to build a more human world.

9. DO NOT DISCONNECT. People are good, until proven otherwise. An open attitude makes it easy for others to welcome us with good disposition.

10. HUMILITY. Ask what you do not know, without fear of making a fool of yourself or of being ignorant. This helps others feel important and useful. The more intelligent and attractive a person is, the more they ask and listen.

11. LEARN TO LISTEN ACTIVELY. To "take charge" of the other person's situation, so that they feel accompanied and understood.

12. ASKING FORGIVENESS When necessary, thank, ask for things please, etc. (It's more important than it seems).

13. DO NOT GIVE TIPS, Not to tell anyone what to do, because usually placed in a situation of superiority that ends up not liking. Do not use a paternalistic tone, or an inopportune counter-claim, hostility or superiority (all of them awaken discomfort or defensiveness in the interlocutor).

14. SHOW US AS WE ARE. Do not play to be sympathetic. Empathy, or ability to get emotional with others, is neither a strategy nor a commercial technique. It is carried deep inside.

And then what?
15. CULTIVATE FRIENDSHIPS. That takes time to develop and bear fruit. Once we have made a new friend we must give our support, our encouragement, our loyalty and sympathy. Do not mutter or speak ill of him. And when we give them, we receive the same satisfaction in return.

Ricardo Regidor

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