Almost 600 minors protected by gender violence in Spain

The gender violence also touches minors, and each time more. In 2014, a total of 576 underage girls were protected by gender violence, which represents an increase of 15.4 percent compared to 2013, when the victims of mistreatment with less than 18 years did not reach the half thousand.

The annual report of the Register of Domestic Violence and Gender, published earlier this month by the National Institute of Statistics, reveals these worrying data regarding the violence in relationships and families.

Gender violence in Spain

As revealed by the data, at the end of 2014 there was a total of 27,087 women registered as victims of gender violence, those who had an average age of 36.2 years, which remains in line with other years.

As for the abusers, there is a total of 26,987 men denounced for gender violence with protection orders or precautionary measures. In turn, seven out of ten of them were born in Spain, and almost half were between 30 and 44 years old. In this case there has also been an increase in reported minors: it rose by 18.4 percent and there are a total of 90 registered cases.

Another important fact of these statistics is that only in 26.2 percent of the cases the victim and the accused were married, while in 6.8 percent they were ex-spouses. 23.3 percent had a de facto relationship at the time of the complaint and 20.8 percent had already broken.

Domestic violence

If we look at the data on gender violence, that is, that which is exercised by both a man and a woman over other family members, in 2014 a total of 7,084 victims with protection order, 0.3 percent more than in 2013. Of these, the majority (61.8 percent) were women.

But not only that, if we look at the age of victims of domestic violence we find that one in five are minors: a total of 1,372 in 2014, of which 561 were children and 811 were girls.

Mothers assaulted by their children

Another worrying fact is that it indicates that in 28.3 percent of the cases the victim of domestic violence was a mother who was being assaulted by her children. In 24.8 percent of the cases, the victims were the children, in 12.2 percent were the parents and in 10.5 percent the siblings.

All this highlights the need for fight for united families in which communication prevails and not violence, resorting if necessary to family mediation to solve conflicts. As they say, the family is "the best social network in the world", in it there must be many positive values, and not violence or loneliness.

Angela R. Bonachera

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