Traveling, alone or as a family? These photos will convince you

Do you pose Take a trip and you do not know whether to go alone or with your family? Probably these photographs will end up convincing you of which is the best option. At least, this has been the case for Kevin Blandford, a parent who has gone viral on social networks because he wants to travel with his wife and daughter and demonstrate it in this fun and original way.

Blandford, who works in the communications sector, was awarded by his company with a vacation paid to Puerto Rico. All great except for one condition: I went alone. Thus, this American became famous in social networks by pose in all the pictures with a bored face in supposedly fun places of Puerto Rico.

Win two trips to Puerto Rico

So famous was it that the hotel where this family man stayed, the Wyndham Río Mar, knew his story and decided to give him another paid trip to Puerto Rico, but this time to go with his wife and daughter. And so it has been.

Blandford himself has uploaded the photographs of his familiar trip to the imgur portal, going viral again and showing the world that, at least for him (but certainly not the only one), vacations are fun when they are family. Do not miss the before and the after photos!

A diving on the beach is not the same if you go without company

How boring is a bedroom if there is no one to share it with?

The tourism? Better in family!

The company is also grateful when it comes to cooling down

Angela R. Bonachera

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