10 rules of fair play in sports for children and adults

The sport (and physical exercise) is health, but also through him we can learn a lot of values, like that of fellowship or fair play. It is essential that, if you want your child to practice some kind of sport, you teach him how important is respect to the adversary and yourself, as a father or mother, give him an example with your behavior.

We often see on TV cases of sports competitions that end in a fight between players, their parents or even other spectators, giving a terrible example to children who will one day be adults. That is why we have rescued this code 'fair play' of FIFA with 10 rules of fair play in sport that we must never forget, whether we are children or adults.

The code of fair play in football and other sports

1.-Play clean. Teach your child that victory loses its value if it is not conquered in an honest and fair way: deceiving is easy, but it does not bring the satisfaction of winning by the true merits. In addition, fair play has a reward even if you do not win: you earn the respect of others, while the deceiver only gains contempt. In this way we will eradicate violence in sport.

2.- Play to win, but accept the defeat with dignity. We must play to win even when we believe we do not have opportunities: self-improvement is always necessary. Now, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and you have to accept it and learn to lose with a smile. Show your child that it is good to congratulate the winner and work to do better next time.

3.- Abide by the rules of the game. All games and sports need rules to guide us, so you have to understand them to better understand the game and, therefore, be better players.

4.- Respect. To the opponents, the comrades themselves, the officials, the referees and the spectators. Respect is also part of the game.

5.- Promotes the interests of football. Football is the main sport practiced in the world, but it is good to reflect on whether our behavior on the field of play can end up undermining its prestige. Therefore, from FIFA invite to spread the positive aspects of football for all to enjoy this sport.

6.- Honors those who defend the good reputation of football. This is related to the above. As they explain from this organization, the good reputation of football has survived because the people who practice it are good and honest, although there are exceptions. Do not be one of those who hurt this sport.

7.-Rejection. Yes, when we choose to practice sports, we must also reject certain things: corruption, drugs, racism, violence and gambling. Do not tolerate this in the matches in which you participate, show that soccer is a sport and, as such, it is a symbol of peace and unity.

8.- Help. If you must reject certain negative practices, help others to do so. Temptations exist, so mutual support will give you strength to resist them.

9.- Denouncing those who discredit sport. If you are sure that someone promotes bad practices such as cheating, do not hesitate to report it and instill your children to do so. It is better to show the world its true face before it does more damage.

10.- Sport, way to improve the world. Sport, and within it, football, can be used to turn the world into a place where we can all live with dignity. Use this platform to promote values ​​as important as peace, health, equality and education for all.

Angela R. Bonachera

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